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Steering And Suspension

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A comfortable ride can often be determined by the right selection of shock absorber. Knowing the kind of ride or right selection of shock absorber can come down to asking the right questions.

Will the car or off-road vehicle, four-wheel drive or utility vehicle be doing much towing or going off-road? Regardless of the answer, SACHS MAX replacement shock absorbers are now available, and the following pages include some great tips shared by the SACHS MAX team. Safety is important and at the front of their mind for both the end user of their products as well as the technician installing their products.

Monroe is a well-known and respected name in Australia, and for a good reason, they have the industries only five-year warranty which provides substantial peace of mind. After all, it’s the shock absorbers that allow the steering, stability, handling, ride comfort and brakes to function at optimum levels at all times.

The team at Monroe have recently released their 2019 Catalogue which is jam-packed with the most comprehensive aftermarket reference for the broadest range of Australian, Asian and European vehicle ride performance product applications the company has ever produced. If you are too busy to flick through the pages of this awesome Catalogue, then the online version on the website will have you finding the right parts in no time at all.

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