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Storage in a Snap with New Boxes

Nine new storage boxes have been added to HPP Lunds Gear-X range – boxed for tradies, off-roaders and households.

Among the basket range, two are folding or collapsible storage baskets perfect for travel use particularly in caravans or for camping. They are equally useful additions to any home as they store flat and can be quickly and easily raised into full sized storage units. When upright these baskets have solid side panels so items cannot fall out and have side handles as well as a top handle to enable them to be safely carried.

Both baskets have a 35-litre capacity and are 365mm x 490mm x 247mm. Available in blue and black, and fluorescent green and black, they are a practical addition to any vehicle or household.

In addition to the baskets there are two solid black storage boxes which are handy for tools or to safely store any number of household items. While the baskets do not have lids, these storage boxes come with a hinged lid and lockdown tabs. They also allow for the lid to be completely removed. To add to their versatility the storage boxes have two wheels, so they are easy to move around.

The storage boxes come in 65 litre and 105 litre capacities, the smaller is 800m. 409mm x 341mm and the larger is 827mm x 529mm x 387mm.

A range of five smaller storage boxes are also available.

Three of these have adjustable compartments, each with a tab lock clear lid and carry handle. The sizes of these are 322mm x 245mm x 51mm, 394mm x 304mm x 61mm, and 505mm x 326mm x 61mm.

A further two of these smaller storage boxes come with non-adjustable compartments but still have a clear tab lock lid but no handle. One is a 5-compartment box which is 190mm x 125mmx 33mm, the other is a 12-compartment box which is 313mm x 205mm x 48mm.

The storage boxes are available from independent automotive parts retailers and hardware stores.

Gear-X is a brand owned and distributed by HPP Lunds with trade enquiries welcome. HPP Lunds is a wholly owned Australian company.

Visit or call Ben Leonard on (07) 3722 1111 for more information.

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