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STRETCH™, manufactured by PTW (Products That Work), is a well-known and respected brand in the Australian repair industry.

STRETCH™ is 100 per cent Australian owned and operated and has been a leader in the development and manufacturing of specialist rubber products for over 15 years.

The STRETCH™range of products offer you the choice of specially designed STRETCH™ boots including CV Boots, Steering rack boots, patented specialty tools, CV Boot installation tools, Nitrile disposable gloves, wiper refills and flex style wiper blades.

STRETCH™ also offers you the required technical support and back-up for all of their products with a strong commitment to research and development. This ensures the constant development and improvement of existing products and introduction of new and innovative products.

Using only the finest raw materials, the STRETCH™ manufacturing facilities use state-of-the-art equipment and are ISO 9000 certified. This ensures all products are manufactured to the highest standards. STRETCH™ aim to have the best possible products on the market at all times.

But Why Should I Replace CV Boots?

Because you are a mechanic not just a fitter. CV boots deteriorate over time and at a greater rate and speed than the CV Joint. The most common cause of CV joint failure is from the CV boot not being replaced when it should have been and left to fail. Once failed, CV joint grease escapes and dirt and water enter the joint causing the CV joint to wear rapidly and fail prematurely.


What’s In It For Me?

Replacing CV boots before they fail is a great way to keep work in your shop and boost workshop productivity with maintenance work rather than hoping you see a vehicle for a failed driveshaft replacement sometime in the future. In today’s market you cannot afford to simply report on something in the hope you will get a driveshaft replacement in the future. If a boot is perished it should be replaced now, just as you would replace a cracked or perished hose.

Our research tells us that in Australia there are six times more perished CV boots come through workshops that should be replaced than there are driveshafts that need replacing.

On average the minimum profit for replacing a CV Boot with a STRETCH™ Boot is around $120.00 per boot replacement. On top of this your customer has just saved money by not needing to replace a driveshaft.

CV boots should be replaced as soon as any cracks, splits, leaks or tears are noticed. Boot replacement prevents more costly repairs in the future and is better for our environment. Why replace a driveshaft shaft when replacing a boot a few months earlier would have been better, more profitable and less cost for your customer?

Deteriorated Grease Vs Contaminated Grease

There is often confusion with regard to what grease contamination is. CV Joint grease becomes contaminated by either a CV Joint that has failed or a CV Boot that has failed and allowed contaminants in. If a CV boot has not failed and isn’t noisy, the grease is not normally contaminated. Often the grease may instead be deteriorated. In this instance it is ok to simply wipe away as much deteriorated grease as possible and re-pack with new grease. There is no need to disassemble and completely wash out the joint, you are maintaining the joint, not rebuilding or reconditioning it.

Contaminated Grease: a failed CV Joint is normally noisy and if the grease is contaminated you should feel or see evidence of metal pieces and or grit in the grease. Often the grease will also have become milky or a lighter grey in colour from water contamination.

Deteriorated grease: Deteriorated grease is free from any such grit, will be nice and dark in colour and may in some instances have become more viscous like honey or molasses.


Stretch CV Boots

With STRETCH™ CV Boots you can replace CV Boots on the vehicle in minutes. STRETCH™ CV Boots are specifically made for use on the CVT-1000 air operated CV

Boot installation tool, but can also be fitted using traditional CV Boot replacement methods. STRETCH™ CV Boots suit over 97 per cent of passenger vehicles, 4×4s, Trucks, SUVs, ATVs/Quad bikes and are guaranteed not to split on any CV Boot tool!

All STRETCH™ CV Boots have a 3 year/60,000km warranty, supplied with CV Joint grease and a pair of high-quality ear-type stainless steel clamps. STRETCH™ CV Boots are available as a single CV boot kit or in an economical trade packs of 10 boots. CV Boot replacement has never been so easy or cost effective.

For product information contact STRETCH™ (03) 9764 2088 or your PTW distributor to purchase For more information visit http://www.stretchcvboot.com

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