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Supercharge Your Workshop’s Efficiency with Spenda’s Solutions

by Digital Mayne Media

Keep your focus on growing your business and have Spenda’s workshop management software streamline your daily activities.

As technology develops, more and more businesses are looking to embrace new software technology to digitise their core processes, and for good reason too; it’s estimated that businesses spend about 520 hours per year on accounting and tasks such as manually processing invoices, supplier enquiries, purchase order matching, onboarding suppliers, and payment reconciliation.

ACMThe adoption of digital technology not only helps save time and money, but gives businesses a competitive advantage against market rivals still relying on inefficient manual processes.

By introducing digital tools such as Spenda’s workshop management software, you can supercharge your business’s efficiency and streamline daily tasks and operations. From online bookings and job management, through to purchasing spare parts and creating e-invoices, this software simplifies the front-end management of your business, while software integration with your accounting system on the back end ensures that your bookkeeping is covered too.

One of the fastest ways to save time, money and simplify the running of your business is by digitising your processes. This can include everything from allocating jobs and task management, through to creating an inventory of spare parts within the software and getting automatic alerts when your stock is low, and streamlining your invoicing and payments process.

With Spenda, you can spend more time growing your business and less time on admin and paperwork.

Set the standard for customer experience by providing real-time automatic updates on the technician’s expected time of arrival and notification for any unexpected changes or delays. Better accuracy delivers a better customer experience, securing more repeat customers and referrals for your business.

Their easy-to-use scheduling system simplifies both job management and the booking process. You can schedule appointments, track jobs, manage staff workloads, create invoices and more.

Forget chasing unpaid invoices and get paid quickly with their innovative payments platform that integrates directly with your accounting system. Your technicians can easily close jobs, create invoices and take contactless card payments onsite or in the office using the iPad-based solution.

Easily create templates unique to your business for improved job management. Set up anything from pre-appointment questionnaires to feedback forms and quotes.

Ready to supercharge your workshop’s efficiency and boost cash flow? Give Spenda a call on 1300 682 521 (select ‘Option 2’) or visit www.spenda.co/automotive today.

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