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Are Spacer Lift Kits Legal in Australia?
SuperPro acknowledge spacer lifts have an ugly past. Typically they have not been properly engineered or tested by the manufacturers/importer. We have also seen manufacturers make these kits to lift vehicles beyond a safe or legal lift. SuperPro has done the engineering work to get these kits right! We have incorporated each vehicles suspension geometry into the design of every kit including consideration of the solid height to ensure the shock absorber does not bottom out before it strikes the bump stop. The lift height of each kit is unique and the associated hardware is designed and engineered to be safe and legal. No other spacer lifts on the market achieve what SuperPro has.
SuperPros Lift Kit Solution – Ezy Lift Kit
This great new product from SuperPro is the ideal, cost effective way to obtain more ground clearance from a newer model 4WD utility. Designed to work only with standard suspension, these new kits have been carefully designed to meet all vehicle modification requirements set down in current legislation, in all states and territories.
Each kit comes complete with everything required to get the optimum results from every application and maintains the factory “feel” and ride.
As is normal practise for SuperPro, each Kit has been meticulously designed and tested on each application, on all vehicles to ensure a flawless fit and performance. All kits maintain suspension geometry, correct droop clearance, driveshaft angles and rebound, all within the boundaries of VSB14. When these kits are fitted to a vehicle with standard suspension the installer and owner can be safe in the knowledge that everything complies.
These kits are ideally suited to a vehicle owner who wants more ground clearance but is reticent to change everything so early in the vehicles life. A SuperPro Ezy-Lift is designed, not to replace a traditional suspension lift kit, but to give cautious new vehicle owners a less intrusive option for increased ground clearance. The fitment of bigger wheels and tyres to these vehicles is often an option that is considered first by vehicle owners, what better way to deliver more clearance than a SuperPro Ezy-Lift kit.
Many similar products exist in the market, but none are more comprehensively integrated into a single package as the SuperPro Ezy-Lift kit. Made from high strength, lightweight aluminium these products are another example of the SuperPro commitment to manufacturing products that are a complete solution and are carefully designed to deliver the right outcome, every time.
For more information go to http://superpro.com.au
Available Now For:
Toyota Hilux 4WD 02/2005-2014
Nissan Navara D40 4WD 2005-2014
Mitsubishi Triton ML, MN 4WD 2006-2015
Ford Ranger PX 4WD 2011-on
Mazda BT-50 4WD 2011-on
Holden Colorado 4WD 2012-on
Isuzu D-Max 4WD 2012-on

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