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Sydney city to double EV chargers

EV charger

The City of Sydney has announced it will be doubling electric vehicle car chargers in its municipality.
The move is part of the city’s Electrification of Transport in the City Strategy and Action Plan, which also includes trialling low impact on-street charging. A research project investigating the possibility of retrofitting buildings with chargers was also commissioned.

The City of Sydney is already home to more than 100 public EV chargers.
Sydney’s Goulburn Street and Kings Cross car parks will have 18 more EV chargers installed. Two more chargers will be installed at the Cope and Wilson Street car parks in Redfern and Newtown respectively.

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The action plan was passed at the council’s late February meeting. City of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said a combination of reducing the need for private vehicles in the city as well as increase support for EVs would help battle climate change.

“If we are to stop dangerous runaway climate change, we need to reach net zero emissions as soon as possible,” she said.
“Lowering transport emissions, which are currently around 20% of all our emissions, will be crucial to this task.
“Not all trips can be completed on a bike or public transport so electrification of high-impact fleets such as delivery and service vehicles, as well as private vehicles, will help complete the journey to net zero transport.”

Australian EV sales in January finished fourth behind petrol, diesel and hybrids with 4,800 sold according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

Residential access

The research project will be deployed over the coming months, with an aim at understanding the demand for chargers in inner city apartments.

“In the city context, where over 75% of people live in apartments, strata charging presents a real opportunity to make a significant dent in our charging needs, but it’s complicated,” Moore said.
“Many of these apartments have off-street parking spaces and we know that most of them will look to charge their electric vehicles in those spaces.
“The more who can, the less spillover there will be into other charging systems.
“But owners corporations need to juggle complex metering, demand management and efficiency, safety standards and insurance and of course, questions over who pays and how.”

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