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Motor Staff – connecting technicians and employers since 1995.

Motor Staff’s primary purpose is to “improve the lot” of technicians by finding them better paid positions or opportunities to advance their career, and also to find technicians for automotive businesses. As Australia’s largest and longest established specialist automotive industry recruitment agency, the team at Motor Staff are the leading experts and therefore best placed to achieve these goals.

They work nationally in all metro and rural locations, working with franchised dealerships, manufacturers, aftermarket workshops, motorcycles, heavy vehicles, materials handling, plant and smash repair businesses seeking additional staff. From the point of view of technicians or mechanics, they are able to find them well paid positions on the tools and opportunities for ongoing training and career advancement. For technicians, their service is free of charge.

Often, career advancement in small aftermarket workshops where Technicians report directly to the owner is not available. In larger operations there may be opportunities for promotion to workshop manager or foreman. Also, working in an aftermarket workshop is less regimented, there is less pressure to complete jobs in a specific time and the work can be more varied and interesting. By contrast, working in a franchised dealership can offer better career advancement opportunities to foreman, workshop controller or road tester (in the workshop) or warranty clerk, service advisor and service manager (in the office). In addition, dealerships offer factory training in the latest technology advances.

Aftermarket workshops generally offer higher pay for technicians, varied work and less regimentation, but on the other hand they offer less opportunities for career advancement. As a technician, you therefore need to decide on your priorities. Do you want to increase your income now, or do you want to cement a better long-term future for yourself? Motor Staff can assist you whichever direction you wish to take.

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