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The ACM Difference

A new standard in recycled auto parts.

Traditional self-serve wrecking yards where the customer pulls their own parts off a vehicle are becoming something of the past.

Modern wreckers can now be closer compared to a new parts retailer, many with full parts listing available online, knowledgeable dedicated sales staff and even delivery services.

Since it first opened in 2014, ACM Auto Parts has set a new standard in recycled automotive parts, offering not only the most extensive range of recycled automotive parts in Australia, but a range of parts that are each quality controlled and given a standard six-month warranty – with warehouses in various locations across Australia and nationwide delivery.

Each vehicle that arrives at ACM Auto Parts is carefully dismantled by a team of professionals. Once dismantled each part is taken through an extensive quality control process. This includes condition assessment, testing (when possible), cleaning and then packaging.

ACM Auto Parts covers a wide range makes and models with more than 50 brands and hundreds of models, they specialise in mechanical and collision parts.

The mechanical range includes, but is not limited to, engines, driveline, suspension and brake components. Before dismantling each vehicle is drained of any fluids. Then each part is carefully removed, ensuring plugs are used to seal all water, oil and fuel leakage points. Each part is then washed, secured and transferred to one of ACM warehouses where they are cataloged, itemised then taken through ACM’s Quality Control processes before being place on the shelf ready for purchase.

ACM Auto Parts also offers an extensive range of both new and recycled collision parts. The new or Parallel (OEM) collision range include panels, bumpers, headlamps and taillights. Each comes packaged, ready for installation. They also offer a range of high-quality recycled collision parts that are carefully dismantled and taken through ACM’s quality control process. After dismantling, each part is carefully transported to one of ACM’s warehouses. There they are assessed and graded for any minor damage. The part is then cleaned and polished. This is followed by photographs – which make it easy to reference by the sales team later. Finally, the part is carefully packaged and placed onto the shelf – ready for order.

The range is backed by a team of knowledgeable sales staff, most with mechanical or automotive parts backgrounds. Each team member is technically trained to match the parts required and offer support both before and after purchase. With a range of more than 150,000 parts on the shelf at any one time, if something is not in currently stock the team are often able to arrange to get the part in for the customer and will go above and beyond to meet their needs.

Once purchased each part from ACM comes with a standard six month warranty, allowing for that extra piece of mind, something not always offered on recycled parts. They also have options to add an extended warranty to 12 months and include labour.

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