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Autodata looks into issues with a 2014 BMW X5 vehicle that makes a groaning noise from fascia when driven over uneven surfaces.

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A customer of ours has a 2014 BMW X5 and they are complaining of a groaning noise from the fascia when driving over uneven surfaces. We have experienced the groaning noise on road test but we have been unable to find the source of the noise in the workshop. Can you help?


We have come across this issue before on the X5 and it is caused by insufficient clearance between the fascia and the windscreen due to loose or missing retaining screws (Fig.1). Remove trim from both of the A pillars (2 in figure). If fitted, slacken the fascia retaining screws. Ensure suitable clearance between the fascia and windscreen (3 in figure). Tighten or fit new retaining screws. Tightening torque: 8 Nm.

Refit trim to A-pillars. Road test to ensure groaning noise has been eradicated.

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