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The cheapest electric vehicles in Victoria revealed

Electric vehicles Victoria

RACV has revealed which electric vehicles in Victoria are the cheapest to own.
RACV Electric Vehicle Manager Liam Brady said with the increase in availability of electric vehicles in Victoria brings more affordable options to market.

“For those looking to purchase an electric vehicle as their next car, there is reason to be excited as more models enter the market and competition for your dollar increases,” he said.
“The appeal of the MG ZS Excite electric vehicle is in its running costs. Based on an average of 15,000km driven over 12 months, an MG ZS Excite owner will pay just $1,216.56 in charging costs, compared to $1,992.96 paid by the non-electric MG3 Core owners for fuel.”

Known for its affordable range of petrol vehicles – MG’s ZS Excite also tops the list of cheapest EV in Victoria.
While Tesla remains an extremely popular vehicle across Australia, its Model 3 ranks seventh in cost to run at $1,663.67 per month.

The data from RACV comes from its Annual Car Running Costs Survey. This survey accounts for factors such as purchase price, loan repayments, insurance, charging costs, tyres, servicing, repairs and auto club membership.

Cheapest electric vehicles in Victoria (model/charging cost per month/total ownership cost):

  1. MG ZS Excite Standard Range RWD Wagon – $101.38 – $1,172.76
  2. GWM Ora Standard Range Hatch – $89.75 – $1,177.32
  3. BYD Atto 3 Standard Range Wagon – $95.00 – $1,378.51
  4. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross ES PHEV 2.4 Wagon – $135.36 – $1,433.86
  5. Nissan Leaf Standard Hatch – $99.13 – $1,476.14
  6. Cupra Born 5 Seat Hatch – $103.25 – $1,656.89
  7. Tesla Model 3 RWD Standard Range Sedan – $85.25 – $1,663.87
  8. Polestar 2 Single Motor Standard Range Hatch – $108.88 – $1,717.03
  9. Kia Niro S Pure Electric Wagon – $95.75 – $1,804.34
  10. Tesla Model Y RWD Wagon – $89.75 – $1,897.25
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