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The Expansion. WBTOOLS.COM.AU

by Digital Mayne Media

Originally established as a tool-making factory in Melbourne in 1921, over the years, WBT has developed many innovative tools and machinery, reinforcing the company’s reputation for quality tools that last for decades.

At the heart of the WBT range is the deflecting beam torque wrench, which has been a long-standing staple amongst car enthusiasts since it was initially designed and patented in the 1940’s and is still widely used to this day. Moreover, the range continues to be designed and manufactured right here in Australia.

Possessing a rich history of precision engineering and manufacturing, WBT continues to push ahead with new ideas and tools, making it a one-stop shop for tradesmen and women, while keeping the same high standard.

WB Tools comprehensive range has you covered for:

This year, WB Tools will celebrate 100 years in operation. You can stay up to date on celebration news and promotions in the coming months by heading over to the website and subscribing to the mailing list at wbtools.com.au/subscribe.

Featuring in the WB Tools range is their high quality range of scrapers. Choose between the convenient quick lock scrapers, the bend impact scrapers or their premium chisels, with various blade thicknesses available depending on your job.

Quick Lock Razop Scrapers
These scrapers are perfect for scraping labels and decals from glass, windshields and other surfaces. The ergonomic design maximises grip and comfort. Each scraper comes with an extra heavy duty 0.020 inch razor blade, which is over twice as thick as standard razor blades. 10 packs of spare razor blades are also sold on the WB Tools website.

Industrial Shears
The WB Tools industrial shears range is forged from high alloy steel, making them strong and durable. The PVC handle makes for comfortable gripping and the super hard anti-wear blades slice with absolute precision. These shears are perfect for industrial, automotive, electrical, handicrafts, home and garden use. The shears cut through corrugated sheet, wire mesh, cable, plastic film, cotton and much more with ease. A wide range of sizes and designs are available to suit your job.

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For more information, to view their product range or to find your local distributor, go to wbtools.com.au.
If you want exclusive access to monthly promotions and be the first to know about new products, you can subscribe to their mailing list at wbtools.com.au/subscribe.

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