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The HDRSI soldering iron from Hot Devil

Hot Devil

For the hottest soldering irons and blowtorches on the market, you can’t do better than Hot Devil.
The HDRSI is the latest beast to hit Hot Devil’s arsenal, and it’s no exception when it comes to bringing the heat.

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The cordless iron reaches a top temperature of 480°C fast to have you working instead of watching the clock.
The HDRSI Rechargeable Soldering Iron is as versatile as you – it’s completely windproof, meaning you can use it in your workshop or out in the yard.

Feel the heat The HDRSI is an invaluable addition to a mechanic’s toolbox, with its touch-sensor driven heat element to suit your application. With LED lighting in the head unit, the soldering iron is efficient even in darker spaces.
But its convenience doesn’t end there. Thanks to its USB charging cable, charging the HDRSI as easy as finding a USB port, ensuring it’s fully juiced before any job, anywhere! The lightweight HDRSI is simple to set up and store, making it a true asset to any worker’s toolkit.

You can scan QR code on the right for further info on the HDRSI Rechargeable Soldering Iron, or find out more about Hot Devil’s ultimate range of gas torches, soldering irons and product stockists by contacting: Phone: (03) 9775 0713
Email: sales@Inmarketing.com.au Or check out www.hotdevil.com.au

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