Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Australia reveals an all new repair solution for dry double-clutches, the first of its kind for the independent aftermarket.

The LuK RepSet® 2CT  repair solution is designed for transmissions used by several major automotive manufacturers, enabling independent repairers to provide professional dry double clutch replacement and system adjustment for the first time.

In addition to the double clutch itself, the LuK RepSet® 2CT contains all Original Equipment quality components required for the complete replacement of the double clutch system. The components include two engagement levers and two engagement bearings, adjusting shims and the required mounting hardware.

The benefits of the LuK double clutch system are many. The elimination of the hydraulic support systems and the excellent efficiency of the dry clutch, enable significant savings in fuel consumption of more than ten percent in comparison to wet clutches and up to six percent in comparison to manual transmissions. Moreover, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 12 to 18 percent in comparison to conventional automatic transmissions.

The dry double clutch combines the comfort of a conventional automatic planetary transmission with the efficiency of a manual transmission.  The operating principle is simple. The double clutch comprises of two clutches arranged on two different drive shafts. One clutch actuates the uneven gears, while the second controls the disengaging and engaging of the even gears and reverse gear.

Combined with the new LuK RepSet® 2CT special tool for correct removal and installation of the dry double clutch, an extensive local training program for repairers, technical brochures, detailed repair instructions and training videos, Australian independent repairers are now able to provide professional dry double clutch replacement and system adjustment.  The support offered by Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Australia assists independent repairers to optimise repair time and quality, prevent installation faults, and improve cost effectiveness.

To take part in Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Australia’s extensive training program to support the introduction of LuK RepSet 2CT dry double clutch repair solutions, contact Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Australia Marketing Sales Specialist Dan Fouracres – 02 8977 1000

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