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Following the increased demand in the market, Xtreme Outback has released two Extra Heavy Duty Kits for Nissan Patrols.

Xtreme Outback has expanded their already extensive range of Nissan Patrol heavy duty upgrades with the addition of extra heavy duty kits to suit TD42T powered Nissan Patrols. These kits offer exceptional increases in clamping force whilst retaining excellent drive ability for street applications.

Xtreme Outback, a division of Australian Clutch Services, has been working to develop these kits after increased demand in the market, partly due to increased performance gained through aftermarket tuning. With two extra heavy duty kits available, one with a 620 Nm torque capacity and one with 760 Nm torque capacity, these kits are designed to offer flexibility dependent on budget and vehicle performance.

“Our aim with the extra heavy duty upgrades has always been to offer exceptional levels of performance and quality whilst retaining drive ability on the street,” explains Brenton Jordan, Australian Clutch Services Managing Director. “With two different options available, there is now an option available for all different types of vehicle uses.”

The 620 Nm torque capacity kit is designed to fit directly to the factory flywheel whilst the 760 Nm kit requires a flywheel designed specifically to suit the up rated pressure plate bolt pattern. “By offering two different kits, we can provide our distributors with a wide variety of options when they are approached by their customer base,” says Mr Jordan.

“It means that end consumers can find a kit that suits both their budget but also the level of power and torque they are aiming to achieve.”

The kits also include an alignment tool, pilot bearing, thrust bearing and thrust bearing press fitment tool. The 760 Nm kit also includes a replacement slave cylinder.

Xtreme Outback have seen increased demand for their extra heavy duty upgrades after the highly successful extra heavy duty upgrade to suit the 70 series LandCruiser was introduced to the market.

“We have seen great interest in these very high torque capacity kits from both Australia and overseas,” says Mr Jordan. “The kits are designed to suit the very highest performing 4×4 vehicles that are used on the street and off-road.”

Australian Clutch Services also offer a wide range of accessories and components to suit various Nissan Patrol models including master cylinders, slave cylinders, bearings, bearing carriers and chromoly flywheels.

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