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The Warren & Brown Tools Torque Multipliers

In the realm of industrial work and mechanical engineering, the importance of precision and efficiency cannot be overstated.

Whether assembling intricate machinery or disassembling heavy-duty structures, having the right tools at hand can make all the difference. This is where torque multipliers come into play, offering a reliable solution to enhance torque application and streamline the tightening or loosening of fasteners.

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Warren & Brown Tools, renowned for their commitment to quality and innovation, present a comprehensive range of torque multipliers designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals across various industries. These torque multipliers are engineered to be seamlessly integrated with torque wrenches, facilitating the effortless manipulation of fasteners with precision and ease.

One of the key advantages of Warren & Brown Tools torque multipliers lies in their ability to operate in narrow spaces without compromising on performance. The gearing design ensures a high torque output with minimal input, making it exceptionally convenient for tasks requiring significant torque values. Whether tightening bolts or loosening nuts, users can rely on Warren & Brown Tools torque multipliers to deliver consistent and reliable results.

It is essential to note that proper calibration is paramount when using torque multipliers to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the tools. Warren & Brown Tools recommends operating the multiplier within 80 per cent of its maximum torque output capacity to prevent overloading and prolong its lifespan. This prudent approach not only safeguards the tools but also enhances workplace safety and efficiency.

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The Warren & Brown Tools torque multiplier sets offer a range of options to suit various torque requirements:

The 7pc Torque Multiplier Set 1000Nm features a lightweight design with a capacity of 1000Nm and includes a ½” drive ratchet and a 90° reaction bar.

For higher torque demands, the 7pc Torque Multiplier Set 1500Nm, 2000Nm, and 2500Nm provide increased capacity, each accompanied by various reaction bars to accommodate diverse applications.

With its unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Warren & Brown Tools stands as a trusted partner for professionals seeking top-quality tools and equipment. For inquiries or assistance in finding the perfect product for your needs, do not hesitate to contact Warren & Brown Tools today via phone at 03 9317 6888 or email at

Experience the difference with Warren & Brown Tools torque multipliers and elevate your workmanship to new heights.

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