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A hot revolution is on its way with Snap-on tools thermal imager.

Snap-on Tools all new Diagnostic Thermal Imager uses advanced infrared imaging technology to visually reveal heat sources and identify otherwise invisible faults, saving technicians time and effort that can translate to profitability increases for your business.

The revolutionary and easy to use hand held Snap-on Thermal Imager is the perfect solution for identification of bearing wear, friction, brake heat, misfires, electrical impedance, refrigerant flow, coolant blockage and many more applications around vehicles, machinery and componentry.

The Snap-on Thermal Imager is packed with innovative features. The high resolution screen heat maps targeted areas and includes an automatic colour and temperature indicator based on the item targeted, allowing for accurate diagnosis of heat signatures.

The clever screenshot function enables capturing of areas of interest for later reference or even to show customers a particular issue their vehicle was exhibiting.

The easy to access Snap-on Expert Tip Library enables direct comparison of known ‘Problem’ and ‘Good’ samples of particular zones of different vehicles so you can compare results and easily identify an area that needs further investigation.

“As the respected tool industry leader for nearly 100 years, Snap-on remains at the forefront of revolutionary tool technologies. The all new Snap-on Thermal Imager enables quick diagnosis of areas of concern across a vast array or applications, so you can just get on with the job of fixing the problem, rather than wasting precious time trying to find it,” said Snap-on Tools Product Development Manager Ian Spinks.

“Significantly reducing diagnosis time and in turn shortening repair completion time’s results in quicker turn-over of work and adds to business profitability. It is a game changer.”

Become a superhero with the new Snap-on Thermal Imager. You won’t see heat the same way ever again.

To test the new Snap-on Thermal Imager contact your local Snap-on Tools Franchisee or contact 1800 810 581 or www.snapontools.com.au

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