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This soldering iron means business

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Soldering is a skill that has found its way into a wide array of industries, offering the means to create and repair a multitude of items. From intricate electronic components to beautiful jewellery pieces, soldering opens up a world of possibilities.

However, with the benefits of this versatile craft come certain responsibilities – primarily, ensuring safety. Warren & Brown Tools (WBT) take safety seriously and is committed to providing high-quality soldering and etching equipment to help you achieve your projects efficiently and safely.

WBT’s range of soldering and etching equipment is extensive and continually expanding to meet the diverse needs of professionals and hobbyists alike. From soldering irons and soldering guns to soldering stations, metal etchers, gas soldering equipment, and a wide range of accessories and spare parts, WBT has you covered. While having the right tools is essential, it’s equally important to observe best practices and safety measures to make your soldering experience secure and enjoyable.

The exciting news doesn’t stop there.

WBT is thrilled to welcome back to the family the Robinson Soldering Irons. Robinson Soldering Irons are the ideal tool for almost any soldering job and are renowned for their quality, reliability, and craftsmanship. We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to enhance your soldering experience, introducing a new plastic impact-resistant handle that provides electrical and thermal insulation, along with an on/off switch to meet safety requirements and electrical approval V99045.

The Robinson Soldering Irons are available in a wide range of wattage and sizes, spanning from 80W all the way up to a formidable 500W, ensuring that there’s an iron suited perfectly for the requirements of your next soldering job. Soldering not only creates reasonably permanent but reversible connections between joints in sheet metal objects but also forms an art. These Robinson Soldering Irons feature a stainless steel barrel and balanced weight, making them an essential instrument for any comprehensive toolbox. Whether you’re crafting jewelry or tackling heavy-duty automotive repairs, they’ve got your back.

Additionally, remember that soldering iron tips have a limited lifespan, so keeping your gear in top shape is vital. WBT is committed to ensuring that these essential spare parts are readily available within WBT’s extensive product range. And as if that’s not enough, WBT offers a full range of soldering products and accessories to suit any application, covering everything from basic soldering needs to intricate soldering projects.

Your soldering dreams have just become a reality. To dive into the world of Warren & Brown Tools and explore its vast range of soldering and etching equipment, visit us online at wbtools.com.au or get in touch with your local Warren & Brown Tools Distributor. Get ready to take your soldering game to new heights.

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