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Time Saving, Safe And Cost Efficient Ultrasonic Cleaning

One of the most challenging and critical issues in engine reconditioning is to ensure that all components are thoroughly cleaned to allow checking the various components and to ensure an optimal quality outcome.

The new generation of ultrasonic cleaning machines replace time poor and dangerous caustic baths, spin wash machines and pressure washes which are costly to run and inefficient. Ultrasonic cleaning produces amazing results within a twenty minute cycle time, degreasing, decarbonising and descaling engine parts and components such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, particle filters, diesel injection, turbo chargers, gearboxes and transmission systems.

Promoted by leading engine reconditioning equipment supplier Premier Machinery and Components, is the range of Tierratech Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems manufactured by QA assured TierraTech®, a leading international company which is specialised in the manufacture of Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment and Systems.

The Tierratech Motor Clean range is specially designed for the automotive industry with a range of models to suit the smaller workshop up to the largest heavy commercial transport operation. The equipment capabilities range from 30 to 8000 litres with popular models including the 400 litre for passenger cars, 600 litre suitable for most diesel engines and the 1,000 litre model for large commercial engines taking the block, cylinder head, cam shaft, bearings, nuts, bolts etc. plus all types of materials.

The equipment uses a working frequency of 40 kHz (sweep system +2%) being the most suitable for the industry as it achieves optimal cleaning without damaging any soft materials such as aluminium, magnesium, brass etc.

Running costs for these advanced machines can be as low as $1.40 per day operating a five- day week with the 400 litre machine using 175 kw hours over a 7 day period. Operating times can be programmed and it operates at 70° C with the units holding their heat overnight. Ultrasonic waves osculate with a 6” travel agitation to ensure all parts of the components are completely cleaned.

‘These high quality units clean regardless of the complexity of the pieces especially internal recesses and hard to reach areas, they reduce energy costs, are more environmentally friendly and dramatically reduce labour time,” said General Manager, Premier Machinery and Components, Daniel Parker.

Using the right chemicals, heat and agitation produces spectacular results as can be demonstrated by Premier Machinery at their parent company plant. It is important to use the specified chemicals which are low cost at $375 per 25kg drum and lasts between 6 weeks to 6 months depending on usage.

Easy to operate via 4.3” touch screen which provides functional and intuitive access to ultrasonic time setting and peripheric or optional systems with a programmable weekly calendar.For more Call +61 3 9797 1170

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