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Replacing torn CV boots on most vehicles often requires the driveshaft to be removed and the CV Joint dismantled.

Whilst a small percentage of driveshafts will need to be replaced or reconditioned due to wear in the CV joint, if the tear is detected early enough, a simple CV boot replacement may be all that is required.

The StretchTM CV boot tool from PTW Tools is a pneumatic CV boot spreader that allows CV boots to be replaced without having to remove the driveshaft. The tool is quite bulky but surprisingly light weight for its size. The pneumatic function of the spreader is easy to use with a simple push switch and is smooth to operate preventing the new Stretch CV boot from being over stretched and torn. The StretchTM CV boot tool should only be used with the Stretch CV boot kits which contain a Stretch CV boot, CV joint grease and two steel crimp type band clamps.

During the tool test I found this tool easy and simple to use. After removing the CV joint from the wheel hub, the old boot was cut off and the joint cleaned and repacked. Using the StretchTM CV boot tool, the new boot was expanded to fit over the CV joint. The tool has a hole to allow for the CV joint end to be centered so the boot can be fitted correctly.

Once the new boot was slipped over the joint, it was as easy as removing the boot tool and fitting the boot to the CV joint. The band clamps were secured using crimping pliers to ensure a tight fit. The whole process took around 40 minutes, which is the time it can take in some cases just to remove the driveshaft. Replacing CV boots without having to remove the driveshaft also prevents the likelihood of axle seals in gearboxes from being damaged or the loss of gearbox oil that can be difficult and timely to top up – not to mention those stubborn driveshafts that refuse to come out of the gearbox. During your next vehicle service if you notice a CV boot that requires replacing. The StretchTM CV boot tool and boot kits might just be another way to boost the efficiency and productivity of your workshop.

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