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Top diagnostics with Launch’s AUSCAN 4

Launch AUSCAN 4

Busy Aussie mechanics under the pump and bumper-to-bumper with jobs need diagnostic tools that can adapt as quickly as they do.
A tool that can be seamlessly hooked up to almost any vehicle and identifying issues in no time to have clients’ cars out of your workshop asap.

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Enter the AUSCAN 4 – Launch’s latest scan tool that’s been tailor-made with Australian mechanics in mind.
The newest iteration is more powerful in every way than the previous AUSCAN 3, sporting a Quad-Core 2GHz processor, 4G of memory and 64G in storage.
The AUSCAN 4 has OEM level access to more than 110 vehicle manufacturers from across Australia, Asia (including China), USA and Europe. For those specialising in Audi and VWs, it goes the extra mile with more than 30,000 guided functions supported.
When you’re hooked up via cable or connected wirelessly, the AUSCAN 4 is immensely efficient with its ability to automatically identify VINs for intelligent diagnosis. Its one-stop Info Centre makes accessing repair information and diagnostic report history a breeze with an easy-to-use touch screen interface. If you specialise in trucks, EVs, Motorcycles, ADAS, agricultural or other machinery the AUSCAN 4 has your back with optional software support available.

particular issue, the AUSCAN 4 has training videos and repair information built-in for easy access.
You can even get help or give it to your fellow mechanic via remote diagnostic functions, which allow you to communicate with other workshops*.

Mechanics will also get the most out of the AUSCAN 4, with the first three years of updates provided for free. As well as standard diagnostic tool functions including window calibration, electric throttle relearn, air/fuel, brake and oil maintenance resets the AUSCAN 4 also boasts a number of special functions.

These include:

  • Injection quality adjustment
  • Injector coding
  • DPF regeneration
  • Reset pressure differential sensor
  • VGT electronic actuator installation and calibration
  • And more!

As if the AUSCAN 4 wasn’t already the Aussie mechanic’s best friend, you can get a free Launch VSP-800 Endoscope valued at $225.50! The VSP-800 gives mechanics access to otherwise unreachable parts of a vehicle, allowing the user to view, record and save images/videos with ease.
This limited time offer will end on April 30 2023.

*Conditions apply

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