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SACHS – Top Quality Safety Parts

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Workshops and customers can be assured of only the highest quality with SACHS shock absorbers for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

ZF Aftermarket supplies tailored solutions, market leading range coverage and first to market product innovations via their market leading globally recognized brands including LEMFÖRDER, SACHS and TRW.

Tailored solutions and essential components that make up the repair or replacement of steering and suspension systems are included in the extensive portfolio of replacement parts that come ready-to-use in fitting kits and service packs.

Additionally, ZF Aftermarket ensures that its partners are well equipped with the necessary technical knowledge, training and tools.

With SACHS shock absorbers for passenger cars from ZF Aftermarket, workshops and customers can be assured of only the highest quality. The technical properties of SACHS shock absorbers are exactly tailored to the requirements of automotive manufacturers made with impressively high-quality materials and sophisticated machining processes.

SACHS shock absorbers are of the highest quality, which is one reason why numerous well-known automotive manufacturers fit them as standard in new vehicles. Every year, over 10 million new cars roll off the assembly line fitted with SACHS products.

Equally, SACHS applies its OE expertise to spare parts production, so its aftermarket shock absorbers are always state-of-the-art, which means a safer, more comfortable and contemporary drive.

Special technologies are applied in situations where they are known to contribute to a noticeable improvement in vehicle handling – precision tailored to and individually customized components for vehicle type, axle and spring design. SACHS shock absorbers for passenger cars from ZF Aftermarket guarantee maximum safety and comfort for a maximum driving performance of your vehicle.

Steering and suspension parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles from ZF Aftermarket are also all top-quality safety components that are subject to special diligence during design, production and assembly. This is required to ensure the best possible safety conditions for every driving situation and condition.

ZF Aftermarket supplies passenger car steering and chassis parts including LEMFÖRDER stabilizer mounts and links, rubber-to-metal components like axle bearings and suspension and strut mounts, control arms and bearings, tie rods and suspension joints, along with the necessary service information to the independent aftermarket.

Whether original equipment or spare parts, only high-premium steering and chassis parts offer safety, long service life and maximum riding/driving comfort. For this reason, numerous vehicle manufacturers rely on products from LEMFÖRDER.

Across its premium brands LEMFÖRDER, SACHS and TRW, ZF Aftermarket offers a comprehensive range of components, all manufactured to the highest possible standards and many available in ready-to-go service packs.

Through the website, easy-to-follow online catalogues and technical help lines, ZF is committed to ensuring workshops are fully equipped and knowledgeable to make choices around selecting the right component for repair, replacement or servicing.

Contact ZF Aftermarket via 1800 ZF SALES (93 72537).
For more information https://aftermarket.zf.com/au

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