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TOTAL Lubricants Brings You State Of The Art Technology

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TOTAL, the European major energy operator, combines the latest in lubrication technology, understanding and innovation, to provide a range of premium benefits for drivers and fleet operators.

From motorsports teams and top racers to real-life experts, such as manufacturers and mechanics, Total oil meets all needs and are trusted by customers all over the world.

TOTAL – Vision Of Innovation

TOTAL QUARTZ engineers have capitalised on 60 years of experience to design formulas with unprecedented molecular interactions. Each product contains specific hyperactive molecules that create the desired effect. In a nutshell, their engine oils not only enhance engine cleanliness and protection but also improve fuel efficiency when dedicated “fuel economy” products are used.

TOTAL – Vision Of Performance

Today’s engines are designed more compact and powerful than ever before, they run at higher temperatures, putting more pressure on the engine and causing faster oil degradation. As a result, friction between metal parts is increased, risking reduced fuel economy, poor engine and exhaust cleanliness, and premature engine failure.

Total’s answer to these problems is TOTAL QUARTZ.

TOTAL QUARTZ engine oils offer minimal friction and wear, increased fuel economy, excellent cold start properties and extended oil change intervals – delivering considerable, long-term maintenance savings, and improving the driving experience for every motorist.

Eco-Science technology: improves engine life and efficiency, it optimises engine care and lowers fuel consumption – up to 33% improved fuel economy.*

Age-Resistance technology: provides expert protection to fight everyday challenges in the long term – up to 74% less wear.**

Clean-Shield technology: gives drivers peace of mind by ensuring that engines remain protected and free of sludge – up to 64% cleaner.***

Whatever your client’s make or model, you can trust TOTAL QUARTZ to deliver the benefits for longer.

For TOTAL QUARTZ enquiries, please contact their team today at 1800 TOTALOIL.For more information & to learn which oil you should use with their Total LubAdvisor,visit www.totaloil.com.au

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