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Nitto Kohki – Tough Tools

Nitto Kohki brings to the Australian market the Japanese quality and perfection.

Nitto Kohki Australia is the sole distributor of its Japanese made Nitto Kohki machines and pneumatic tools as well as its Genuine Cupla range of couplings and fittings. It also represents Kuken, another Japanese manufacturer of air tools including their well respected impact wrenches.

Utilising many years of experience and technical innovations Nitto Kohki pride themselves on providing industry with tough tools, for tough jobs, whilst delivering benefits of operator safety and comfort of use.

With several regional warehouses throughout the country, a Head Office in Brisbane and state based sales managers, Nitto Kohki ensures there is support where and when you need it most.

Pneumatic Tools

A number of new innovations within its air tool range have been designed with the automotive industry in mind. These tools are highly adaptable and can reach tricky spots where some conventional tools can’t.

For example, the recently released CMX-20 multi sander would make an excellent addition to any automotive workshop. Whilst light at only 0.5kg, this pneumatic tool packs a punch with speeds of up to 14,500rpm. It comes with several sanding pads of various shapes and sizes to deliver flexibility. This flexibility is further enhanced with its adjustable valve to reduce speed according to material and desired surface finish. The three interchangeable pads provided are; a 16mm finger pad, a 2” round pad and a 26x50mm rectangle pad.


Nitto Kohki also produces over 20,000 different couplings to suit a vast range of applications. From standard air fittings, fluid and gas couplings to specialised safety fittings Nitto Kohki has youcovered. With stringent quality control, a prerequisite in Japanese manufacturing, these fittings have a reputation for their durability and longevity.

To assist industries that require Cuplas with alternative body material, Nitto Kohki has produced some of their most popular ranges in both Brass and Stainless Steel; they have even lightweight plastic Cuplas perfect for industries where minimisation of potential damage to paintwork is important.

With the extensive use of compressed air in industry today and the ever increasing focus companies have on their OH&S policies to ensure they have a safe work environment for their employees and visitors, Nitto Kohki Australia has released to the Australian market their comprehensive range of Safety Cuplas.

One stand-out example of innovation in this range is the PVR. The PVR Cupla has been designed for compressed air outlets in 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” sizes. Its ultimate safety features include a purge function and sleeve lock for larger diameter air hose.

Beware of the Imitations

Nitto Kohki is proud of their reputation for innovative thinking and the Cupla range is no exception. Its market leading standards are constantly challenged by the introduction of inferior copies. Beware of ‘Nitto-Type’ Cuplas as they are not covered by the comprehensive warranty offered with Genuine Nitto Kohki Cuplas.

There are many cheaper alternatives out there. Buying Nitto Kohki product comes with reassurance as all tools and Cuplas are backed by a 12-month warranty. Put Nitto Kohki to the test and they will outperform the competition they challenge.

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