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It’s a pretty universally accepted notion that information is key to servicing modern vehicles. But how do you access that information when the manufacturers refuse to make it available?

When it comes to accessing information to service a vehicle, to be honest the best hope independents have – other than contesting the issue in court, comes from independent data sources, training organisations and scan tool manufacturers.

Scan tool manufacturers have two real ways of accessing the information manufacturers are trying to keep covered up. That is by purchasing the information from the manufacturer themselves, then releasing it in their tool or by reverse engineering. Both have advantages, both have disadvantages. That’s why Interequip are offering a two-for-one deal on scan tools at the moment.

Chinese manufacturer Autel source their info direct from the manufacturers. The Korean manufacturer Carman has a full time engineer in Australia to ensure their tool can access all features required by independent repairers. Both have large costs associated to them, hence the cost of tool updates.

The way Carman acquire information allows their technicians to uncover info the manufacturer doesn’t want known, like reading pin codes from Astra ECUs. With these information they are then able to reprogram a new ECU. The Carman is capable of performing this straight out of the box without the need to purchase software from the manufacturer.

Interequip’s two-for-one deal is one of the best value propositions available today. It represents the most honest approach in the industry to scan tool capabilities and widens the gap between Interequip’s offerings and the rest of the industry. It effectively fills the need independent repairers have to service and repair modern vehicles.

The DS808 is Autels latest offering. It is a full functioning scan tool able to perform normal fault code and service light resets. It can also read live data, perform sensor activations and DPF burn offs, release electronic park brakes and calibrate steering angle sensors. It is delivered with OBD2 connector and also older vehicle specific connectors as an option.

The Carman range of scan tools is the next step up from the Autel range. It’s supplied with all the features of the Autel DS808, but it unlocks the ability to be able to record multiple sensors while driving around and then replay them later in graph mode for easy identification of faulty sensors or intermittent wiring faults.

All Carman scan tools are delivered with the ability to reprogram keys. To try to future-proof the Carman, it is also delivered with the hardware required for J2534 pass through capabilities. This just means that if/when vehicle manufacturers decide to release software, the Carman has the necessary hardware to reflash an ECU.

The price for both the Autel DS808 and the Carman i700 is $4,950 plus GST.

If you’re a heavy vehicle mechanic or service a fleet of light trucks, busses Ag machinery or road plant make sure you ask Interequip about the Jaltest units or the Carman iHD as well. Jaltest is more than just a scan tool, it’s a complete diagnostic platform.

Working closely with the manufacturers is arguably the most capable aftermarket heavy vehicle tool in the industry.

For more information call Interequip on 18000EQUIP (1800 037 847) or send an email to [email protected] or visit www.interequip.com.au

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