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Two Headlights Are Better Than One

Dr. Carsten Setzer, Automotive Lightsources expert at OSRAM, answers some FAQs regarding the importance for your clients to have headlight globes replaced in good time and in pairs.

Why is it not enough to replace a globe as soon as it’s burned out? When it comes to car lights, unfortunately most drivers follow the principle of “as long as they’re on I don’t have to do anything”. In other words, they only replace their globes when both are broken or burned out. Until that happens, they drive with only one headlight working which means less light on the road and therefore a reduced field of vision. Drivers often underestimate how crucial car lighting is for their safety, despite the increased safety risk caused by a lack of light being considerable. By proactively changing their globes they can prevent this.

Is The Road Only Poorly Illuminated Once A Globe Has Failed?

No, it can happen sooner. A globe does not have the same light output across its entire lifetime, and this applies to any globe regardless of manufacturer. This means that globes generate less light with increasing age and that hazards and obstacles at night can be seen later than usual. Replacing the globes in good time solves this problem. A poorly illuminated road can also be the result of dirty headlights, however in this case, it helps to clean your headlights on a regular basis.

How Can A Driver Tell That It’s Time To Replace A Globe?

It’s important to have the functionality of the globes checked regularly and replaced if necessary. As a general rule, it is recommended to check them each year and replace every two to three years – this applies to both halogen and xenon globes.

Keep in mind the more frequent use of headlights during winter periods.

Why should customers always change both globes even if only one is broken? That has to do with decreasing light output. If only one globe is replaced, the new globe will be brighter than the non-replaced globe. This can lead to unbalanced or unpredictable headlights – another potential safety risk. With two new globes and therefore full light output, you will ensure optimum visibility for yourself and others.

Which Products Are Recommended For A Replacement?

In principle, it is advisable to choose a high-quality product from an Original Equipment Manufacturer, as these products meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, service life and accuracy of fit. The OSRAM “ORIGINAL” family fulfils these criteria at an attractive price. Even better light can be achieved with high-performance globes, such as the NIGHT BREAKER® series. Performance globes generate a longer and brighter light beam compared to standard globes. This allows drivers to recognise dangerous situations earlier and better and gain valuable response time.

Refer to the OSRAM website – – for further information and the right globe to suit your application. OSRAM is a world leading supplier of lighting and electrical products. The OSRAM automotive lighting range is distributed in Australia by Brown & Watson International.Contact 1800 113 443 or to request further information[/colored_box]

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