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Two Heads are Better Than One

by Digital Mayne Media

The power of two scan tools in the workshop.

Close your eyes for a minute and picture your workshop on a typical Monday morning. Customers are dropping off their vehicles; three booked services, two of which will need brakes, a DSG clutch job hanging over from Friday, a V6 Jag with a P0172 DTC, and now you can see a tow truck stopping in the driveway with a Ford Ranger on the back. You’re already over-booked, and your apprentice has just called in sick…

Each of these jobs will require the shops diagnostic tool to be connected and either scanned for codes, have adaptions performed, need ABS pumps activated and callipers wound back, and possibly some oscilloscope diagnostics thrown in. The Jag and the Ranger look to have the tool tied up for the next six hours leaving no time for the clutch adaptions or service light resets.
Sound familiar?

Workflow through the shop can be maximised by using two quality scan tools – one for the heavy lifting or in-depth diagnostic jobs, and a lighter simpler version for code scanning, service light resets and functional tests.

The ZEUS diagnostic & Information platform working alongside the Ethos Edge – both by Snap-on Tools – is the perfect combination of quality and coverage needed to maintain technician productivity and workflow through the course of a busy day.

The first step in any diagnostic procedure is to use the scanner function to check for pending, current or historic DTC’s. Just plug the Compact Scan Module (CSM) into the vehicles DLC and communication will be established with the ZEUS wirelessly. The Automatic ID function will save you the trouble of scrolling through different marques, models, and year builds.

The Zeus will save all diagnostic reports and send it to the ALTUS CLOUD. They can even be emailed directly to the customer or a third-party repairer.

Once a fault code has been retrieved and presented on the Zeus’s 10-inch TFT display, the intelligent diagnostic package can be utilised. This is as easy as pressing the “Diagnose” tab just to the right of the trouble code.

Intelligent Diagnostics provides access to the latest code-specific data, information, and tests, all obtained from actual repair orders and industry professionals and may also include safety recalls, and technical service bulletins (TSBs).

The Smart Data function can then be selected where code specific PID lists are generated – saving you the hassle of scrolling through countless data lines looking for that inconsistency in live values.

Once the suspect value is identified, it’s time to check the related component. Never tested a Diesel Particulate Filter sensor? Need to know which pins to probe on the Variable Intake solenoid (swirl flap control)? Guided Component Tests is a time saving feature that allows the technician to assess components quickly and accurately with step-by-step instructions, component specifications and troubleshooting information.

Last but certainly not least in the diagnostic arsenal is the Real Fixes and Trouble-shooter function which shows code-specific procedures, tests, and tips, that have been gathered from actual shop repair orders and industry professionals.

If the Intelligent diagnostic information guides the technician to view a sensor waveform, then simply activate the 4-channel lab scope for some serious diagnostic power.

While the heavy diagnostic work is under way on one side of the shop, rest easy knowing that the three booked service jobs have been completed with service light resets carried out using the Ethos Edge.

One very popular function of the Ethos is its extremely fast boot time. By simply plugging the tool into the vehicles DLC the tool powers up ready to use within a few seconds. Technicians can then easily navigate the menu functions to wind back those calliper pistons when replacing the rear pads on the last service job for the day.

The DSG clutch adaption can be performed with only a few taps on the 5.6- inch TFT screen which is bright and clear even in direct sunlight.

Don’t let the straightforward, uncomplicated operation fool you. The Ethos Edge is a full-blown bi-directional scan tool punching above its class.

Keep your workshop operations cost effective – streamlining both vehicle movements and repairs by using the combined diagnostic efficiency and fundamental ability of the Snap-on Zeus Diagnostic & Information platform and Ethos Edge.

To arrange a demonstration speak with your local Snap-on franchisee and visit snapontools.com.au to see the complete family of diagnostics by Snap-on.

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