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Ultra Tune Mantra – Mission Success

Ultra Tune – an Australian company with a long history and proven success formula.

Established in 1979, Ultra Tune expanded nationally becoming the leader in automotive after sales servicing as voted by independent reviewer; Canstar in 2016/2017.

100 per cent Australian owned, with more than 270 centres across Australia,

Ultra Tune’s growth is steeped in a tradition of quality, affordable service.

Ultra Tune specialises in maintaining and servicing of all popular makes and models of vehicles in the Australian market, providing a wide range of options including manufacturer’s handbook servicing, tuning, air-conditioning servicing and general repairs.

In 2013 the company launched the tyre program. Ultra Tyre now supplies and fits high quality, affordable tyres to a range of passenger, 4X4 and light commercials.

Ultra Tune also offers corporate and government fleet management services, as well as a nationwide Roadside Assistance Program providing customers with peace of mind should something go wrong out on the road. All accessed by a free, purpose-built App.

“Ultra Tune’s Mantra Is To Build Trust Through Integrity And Transparency Based On Dependability And Unequalled Customer Service.”

Why Partner With Ultra Tune?

Ultra Tune’s corporate office provides end-to-end franchise support, from assistance with site selection to state-of-the-art, quality equipment supply and the provision of centre signage. The Ultra Tune franchise model is a one-stop shop helping ensure their franchisee’s long-term business visibility and success.

Ultra Tune’s corporate office ensures transparent corporate governance, legal assistance/direction, sales and marketing support, product and service development and training along with centralised accounts processing.

Ultra Tune’s mantra is to build trust through integrity and transparency based on dependability and unequalled customer service.

The company provides a broad range of ongoing training programs covering:

  • Technical
  • Diagnostic technology
  • Procedural techniques
  • Customer service
  • Administration
  • Sales

Ultra Tune negotiates nationally with leading suppliers to purchase the best equipment, replacement parts and materials at competitive prices, ensuring quality servicing and value.

They have developed an affordable fleet maintenance plan. All marketing support literature is available to franchisees to assist in acquiring fleet business. The company provides a central billing facility for the benefit of many of the major Fleet Management Organisations (FMO’S). Many thousands of FMO related vehicles come to Ultra Tune for regular services. The drivers of these vehicles often return in their own family vehicles.

Ultra Tune Roadside Assistance operates a 24/7 call centre providing priority, free, around the clock assistance to qualified customers. Their aim is to give their customers a high level of service as well as complimentary 12-month Roadside Assistance Cover, which helps retain loyalty to the Ultra Tune brand.

Ultra Tune’s national marketing campaigns are renowned and central to the organisation’s success. Franchisees enjoy the benefit of major media campaigns, direct marketing via a specialised database plus the flexibility of choosing from a range of local advertising, promotional, social media and digital packages.

Ultra Tune believes in ongoing monitoring/support. Data is compiled weekly appraising the performance and productivity of each State and centre. Continual monitoring enables Ultra Tune to address any variances immediately and assign alternative action.

Ultra Tune’s ongoing R and D is second to none. By taking a proactive approach, the company provides franchisees with regularly updated training programs to deal with new automotive advances.

Ultra Tune’s Mission

  • Traditional Australian auto service/repair workshops are in an era of change. Ultra Tune is at the forefront of this change, whilst retaining the core focuses of:
  • Personalized service through direct customer contact
  • Competitive pricing for repairs/servicing
  • Each Service Centre strategically located
  • Qualified, professionally trained technicians
  • Supply of quality oils, lubricants, tyres and parts
  • Corporate identity for trust, loyalty and brand association
  • One stop shopping specialising in servicing the motorist’s major concerns
  • State-of-the-art equipment using the newest and most advanced technology
  • Computerised database for instant access to motor vehicle technology
  • Nationwide warranty giving peace of mind to motorists

An Eye To The Future

Based on the 2015 IMRAS Report, Australia’s automotive industry employs 98,000 motor mechanics and is considered, by a 2014 Auto-Skills Australia report, to be a huge growth industry into the future.

Auto-Skills CEO, Geoff Gwilym stated: “The service and repairs sector already accounts for 87 per cent of Australia’s automotive industry and is an area of rapid growth.”

As Australia’s leading and most trusted after sales service provider (as rated by Canstar – for 2016/2017) Ultra Tune is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this growth.

Whilst independent workshops around Australia close at a rate of approximately two per week, the Ultra Tune franchise model continues to flourish.

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