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Ute bed protection with Herculiner


Ute beds as good as new with Herculiner.

Utes have traditionally been the vehicle of choice for tradies. Now they have reached a level of popularity that was never imagined when the first Aussie ute was built by Ford in Australia in 1934.
Keeping them looking good is a difficult matter when – during the week – the trays are full of tools and machinery hauled to work sites where the tools are pulled in and out over the tray floor.

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The ute is often loaded with leisure equipment on weekends too like trail bikes, camping gear and even rubbish for a quick run to the tip. This all means the ute floor gets quite a beating and it shows, but not if the floor is treated with Herculiner. Last year, Herculiner proved to be the number one truck bed coating brand in North America ahead of five other brands, and for good reason.

It prevents rust, it is also resistant to petrol, oils, solvents and other chemicals. It has a high scratch resistance, adhesion, impact resistance, chemical and skid resistance. When cured, Herculiner provides a non-slip coating with a textured, tough, durable layer that won’t chip, flake or peel.

Simple yet tough

Its proprietary solvent-based formula allows Herculiner to adhere better to surfaces than water-based products, and it can bond to virtually any surface or material including wood, metal, concrete, aluminium, asphalt, rubber, fibreglass and plastics including PVC.

If damaged, other coatings need to be removed or gouged. But as Herculiner adheres to itself, it can easily be repaired with additional applications. Various methods can be used to apply Herculiner – brush, roller or spray compressor.

Application is an easy process starting with preparing the surface by cleaning it of all dirt and grime and masking off areas to be painted. All paint areas must be scuffed to remove gloss and the surfaces wiped down with Xylene (Xylol), Acetone or MEK solution using a rag.

Herculiner must be thoroughly mixed before use, and mixed during application so that the rubber particles remain suspended to ensure an even application. A light first topcoat acts as a primer. After about four hours, Herculiner is dry to the touch and when it no longer feels tacky you apply a second coat.

This is left to cure for at least 24 hours before light use or 3-5 days before heavy use. You can find out more about Herculiner by visiting here.

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