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In an historic occasion, VACC members have voted for a new Board, a new President, and a new structure.

A t the 28 November Annual General Meeting, the new VACC Executive Board was announced, which now consists of nine Directors, discarding the previous eight-member Executive Board and 32-strong Board of Management structure. The restructure required a change to the VACC Constitution.

The new VACC Executive Board will be led by Chairman, Fury Bortolotto and consists of: Mark Awremenko (Vice President) and Chris Hummer (Secretary), Tony Sanchez (Immediate Past President); Peter Savige (Past President); Paul Bertoli and Tony Sitch, all of whom were existing Board members.

New Directors include Sharon Pask, who is the Chief Financial Officer at Frankston Toyota, and Michael Grubb, owner and operator of Specialist Auto Hobart (VACC represents the interests of the Tasmanian automotive industry and operates under the Tasmanian Automobile Chamber of Commerce name in that state).

“Going forward, VACC members will be represented by one nimble Board which will meet eight times each year, consisting of nine Directors– all of whom have extensive industry experience. This new positioning will allow VACC to better keep on top of a fast-paced automotive industry and ever-changing policy landscape,” said VACC CEO, Geoff Gwilym.

The Board Of Management, which was the ultimate governing body, has been replaced by the VACC Industry Policy Council. Its job is to formulate policy positions on issues that affect each Division, allowing the new Executive Board to concentrate solely on governance and leadership.

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