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VACC’s Tech Talk

VACC’s MotorTech has vastly increased the vehicle coverage and information depth available to subscribers. One of the multiple MotorTech sources is the online version.

VACC’s TechTalk first started as a part of the VACC’s Journal, then became its own publication in 1986 and has been in print ever since. The content in TechTalk has been used to keep VACC members up to date about emerging technologies that might enter the automotive industry. Also, to inform them of the operation of various new automotive systems and how to identify, service, diagnose and repair them efficiently.

The choice of articles is mostly based on feedback received from VACC’s Technical Advisory Service. If this team finds a pattern of commonly requested information, this gives us a clue that this is a common procedure or issue in the trade. This topic becomes the basis of an article. We will then contact members for more information about the problem and what solutions they found. This feedback from members and subscribers is greatly appreciated as it gives a more real-world solution that enhances the O.E based information in the articles.

There are a few ways to access TechTalk articles via MotorTech. The first is to search for a vehicle make and model in the TechOnline section (See Diagram 1). This will display all of the information developed by the VACC’s Technical Department in their separate modules. If there are any Tech Talk articles for that vehicle, they will be listed in the Tech Talk Module with the article’s title.

The second way to find an article is to look in the “Tech Talk Index”, which can be found in the TechTalk tab in MotorTech. This has all the articles listed under the vehicles make or under the categories of the topic. Then enter the article’s page number into the “Page Number” search box. MotorTech will then display the article as a PDF.

When I was an apprentice, I was encouraged to read all the past issues of Tech Talk with the intention of getting me up to speed faster. If you want your apprentice to do the same, within the Tech Talk tab, use the “Publication Years” search box to select the year, then use the “Publication Month” box to select the month. This will display the articles available for that issue as PDFs.

If you have any information or ideas for Tech Talk articles that would assist the trade, contact the VACC’s Technical Advisory Service or send an email to techtalk@vacc.com.au

For more information about VACC’s MotorTech and Haynes Manuals AllAccess, go to motortech.com.au or call MotorTech Support on (03) 9829 1268.

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