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VARTA bringing the goods with battery selection

In today’s motoring industry, there are several types of battery technologies available.

Not just the conventional ‘flooded’ lead acid battery, which has traditionally been used as the starter battery, but also two new lead acid types; Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) and Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB). The type of vehicle and the amount of electrical power that may be needed to supply the starting functions and electrical consumers determines whether an AGM, EFB or Conventional will be required.

When replacing an old battery, it is important to replace it with like-for-like or like-for-better technologies and not to fit a conventional battery to a vehicle with a start/stop system (the vehicle will only function properly for a short time!). Fitting the correct battery technology type the first time will keep your customers happy and on the road as well as help you avoid costly repeat repair work.

VARTA’s technical engineers in the company’s production plants work closely with vehicle manufacturers to ensure the batteries are designed to meet and exceed the vehicle’s power requirements. Modern vehicles are packed full of electrical components and new requirements, with digital screens, parking cameras, stop-start technology and device charging becoming the norm. Most modern cars have over 150 electrical consumers on board. VARTA provides one of the best replacement batteries available to the market, designed to supply high-demand vehicles with more than enough power so that you can trust the battery to continue powering your customer’s vehicle and its onboard comfort and safety features.

With stop-start technology becoming the norm amongst modern cars, the need for durable, high-performance AGM batteries is increasing. VARTA® have specially designed the AGM to cater for the increased number of stop-and-then-start-again cycles, plus the additional computer modules and electrical consumer on board vehicles today. The POWERFRAME grid is featured in every VARTA® battery and is one of the strongest grids available on the market today. It is more durable than other grid designs due to its full frame and patented design. Seven out of 10 newly manufactured European vehicles with AGM start-
stop technology are equipped with VARTA® batteries from the factory.

Car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Porche trust VARTA to deliver their power requirements. Engineered to the highest German standards, VARTA batteries deliver an unparalleled level of power and longevity. As a technician, you can be sure you are fitting to each vehicle a like-for-like replacement with the original battery, as VARTA utilises the POWERFRAME in its Original Equipment batteries as well as its aftermarket batteries.

By fitting a high-quality battery made with the best components, you will keep your customers happy and moving for longer. VARTA® is proudly distributed by Federal Batteries and is Available through JAS OCEANIA visit jasoceania.com.au

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