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Varta Partner Portal Helps Workshops Stay Efficient

by Digital Mayne Media

Workshops facing increasing complexities when it comes to vehicle battery replacement can now turn to the VARTA Partner Portal, saving time and costs.

When it comes to batteries, mechanics are now facing battery service complexity which may take up as much as 28 steps to replace a battery.

Battery systems are far more advanced and in modern vehicles are doing more than starting, lighting and ignition. Battery location is also no longer just under the bonnet. This means that on average battery service times will continue to increase and require well over an hour.

Mechanics are facing more complexity in battery service and need for example, 28 steps to replace a battery in a Volkswagen Touareg. The good news is more vehicle owners will rely on workshops for what was a traditional Do-It-Yourself job. This means more service opportunities but quoting them correctly to recover all labour costs is essential.

The VARTA Partner Portal is a convenient, accessible online service enabling every workshop employee to change a battery as quickly and accurate as possible.

Access to the VARTA Partner Portal is available via all internet-enabled devices: after a quick one-off registration, each workshop technician and mechanic has free and unlimited access to step-by-step instructions including photos, the right part number and battery location so that the correct battery is installed in the quickest time possible.

After logging into the service, workshops in Australia enter the individual vehicle’s make and model to immediately obtain all the key information for replacing the battery including battery position, battery selection, fitting instructions and battery knowledge.

Using the VARTA Partner Portal, the workshop technician can see at a glance where the battery is installed. Further details can be called up at the click of a button, such as how to reach this position in the fastest possible way.

With the VARTA Partner Portal, workshops can save valuable time. Alongside the OE fitted battery, an alternative upselling option for special requirements is recommended in certain cases, too. This gives the workshop an opportunity to consult with their customers and offer upgrades where relevant.

Step-by-step instructions make the battery replacement process easier for start-stop vehicles and show the estimated service time.

In the process, the system follows every single detail and indicates whether you have to connect to the battery management system.

Anyone who wants to become a real battery expert can get even more know-how here.
• How has the battery’s role changed?
• What do you especially have to take into account when testing batteries in start-stop vehicles?
• What do you especially have to take into account when testing batteries in start-stop vehicles?
• What makes the VARTA’s Silver Dynamic AGM range the perfect solution for start-stop vehicles?

VARTA batteries are available through Burson Auto Parts – www.burson.com.au and JAS Oceania – www.jasoceania.com.au and distributed by Federal Batteries. Contact your local Burson JAS or Federal Batteries representative for assistance on portal registration.

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