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WA injects $12.5 million into EV charging

EV charging WA

The WA Government has announced $12.5 million in grants will be provided to councils and organisations to improve EV infrastructure.

The grants are the second stage of the Charge Up Workplace Electric Vehicle grant program, which aims to equip small-to-medium businesses, local government authorities and non-for-profits with EV chargers.

“This second round introduces faster DC chargers, offering additional benefits to eligible businesses and organisations,” Western Australian Energy Minister Bill Johnston said.
“The program encourages daytime charging, enabling EV owners to utilise abundant solar energy during sunny hours, which also assists in stabilising our electricity grid.
“In the first round, we assisted small and medium businesses, not-for-profits, and local government authorities in installing EV chargers for their customers, clients, and staff.
“Thanks to these grants, chargers are now operational in regional communities that support local tourism, small businesses and community service organisations.”

This news comes after NSW and QLD collectively invested $50 million into EV infrastructure in their states. The news has been welcomed by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, which has noted a massive increase in EV purchases in 2023.

You can apply for the grants here.

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