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Warren & Brown Chamfer- Pro

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Damage to threads of automotive bolts happens from time to time and it can be hard to repair these, if you can’t get the thread die started.

The Chamfer-Pro from Warren & Brown may assist in getting your thread repair underway. The Chamfer-Pro is a high carbon alloy steel tool that can remove burrs and ridges and is suitable to be used on all metals. It works by shearing off the damaged threads rather than just folding them over, which can happen when using a grinder. This prevents sparks or overheating of the bolt.

At Northern Beaches Campus we tool tested the Chamfer-Pro. When training apprentices there is never a shortage of damaged bolts! The tool is used with a hand-held drill, we found using a slower drill speed produced a better result. A few turns on the top of the bolt with the Chamfer-Pro produced excellent results. We then ran a thread die over the bolt and we were good to go.

The tool has a maximum cutting diameter of 30mm which suits most automotive bolts, making it handy around the workshop especially when it comes to suspension bolts or smaller diameter driveshaft ends that tend to require a bit of gentle persuasion when being removed.

This tool also works well on threaded rod or pipe so no more cut hands on burrs that stick out or trying to grind a chamfer on the bench grinder. With the Warren & Brown Chamfer-Pro you’ll get a superior quality chamfer every time. There’s even a YouTube video to help get you started.

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