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We Love Your Customer’s Car

by Digital Mayne Media

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day we are putting ourselves out there – letting Australia know we are devoted to your client’s car. Day and night, breakfast until bed – we think of nothing else.

We’ve taken our experience as an OE manufacturer and applied it to our aftermarket product lines. Obsessed over every component, designed them with precision in mind, subjected them to rigorous safety and performance testing and manufactured them with the utmost of care – all for the benefit of your client’s car.
There’s no denying that over the years, we have earned ourselves a reputation; a penchant for quality, which endears us to carmakers worldwide. Moreover, we are not scared of “commitment”, to your clients’ safety and automotive innovation.
If we had a dating profile, we’d boast
about our ever expanding range:
• Starter motors and alternators
• Automotive air conditioning
• Bus air conditioning
• Diesel products
• Engine cooling
• Engine sensors
• Ignition products
And our reliability, because you can count on DENSO to exceed expectations and be there for the long haul.

When most people consider vehicle safety, it is usually centred around collision systems such as airbag deployment. However, for DENSO, safety starts with collision prevention; after all that’s the safest possible outcome! We have developed vehicle safety systems that detect the environment around the vehicle such as pedestrians, other vehicles and road surfaces. Dynamic control systems – crucial for driving, turning, and stopping. Visibility support systems that detect raindrops and brightness, and secure the field of vision thereby improving visibility even in bad weather. Cockpit information systems that connect human and vehicles by monitoring the occupant’s state, alerting of fatigue and realising a driving experience of unprecedented comfort and no less importantly – driving pleasure.
As we said, you can count on our systems and components. They are manufactured using state of the art technologies, the best possible materials and guarantee the perfect fit and performance. Take our radiators for instance; constructed from premium aluminum to resist corrosion, the condenser cores are specially designed to shed airborne material buildup. Our Iridium TT spark plugs offer long life performance, are 6x harder and 8x stronger than platinum. They have the highest level of iridium content (90%) giving them increased oxidation resistance, which allow these plugs to last 100,000km. And in head-to-head testing against the leading competitors, our oxygen sensors were rated two times more resistant to silicone and lead poisoning. And this is only scratching the surface of what we offer.
With the industry undergoing its biggest transformation in a century, we plan to continue to create value by using our technology and experience to drive further progress in new mobility-related fields. In this period of change, DENSO’s main goal is working to meet your customers’ future needs in electric and autonomous vehicles, advanced safety and connectivity.
Interested in getting to know us a little better? Just swipe right or visit our online profile, visit: www.denso.com.au

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