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What do women want in cars?

women cars

Safety, practicality and space are among the top priorities for women when it comes to buying cars.
This is according to a recent survey conducted by South African-based insurer 1st for Women as well as jurors from the Women’s World Car of the Year (WWCOTY).

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Safety was number one when it came to what women want in cars according to the report, with performance, practicality and space all tied for second.
The survey also revealed women prefer higher seating positions.
WWCOTY Serbian juror Tina Vujanovic said the survey involved about 14,000 female motorists.

WWCOTY Vietnamese juror Mebi Nguyen emphasised the importance of safety in modern cars.
“Women look for safety features like a backup camera, blind spot monitoring, and ABS,” she said.
“They also look for convenience features such as storage pockets, cupholders, and air-conditioning.”

USA juror Elana Scherr added “I know many of my female friends prioritise safety ratings and fuel economy, followed by appearance and interior.”
Women tend to choose their car with their head and not heart according to Chilean juror Fran Munoz.

women cars

“Women are increasingly well informed and are always interested in having as much information as possible at hand when deciding to buy a car,” she said.
But not all women are after the same things for the same reasons.
USA juror Nicole Wakelin said women want various features for different reasons.

“Those who commute want comfort and a responsive yet fuel-efficient car,” she said.
“Mums seek out room for the kids and all their stuff, as well as easy access to buckle squirming toddlers into car seats. It’s all about making life easier.”

You can find out more about the Women’s World Car of the Year here.

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