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What Happens to Your car Once You’re Finished With it?

More than 800,000 vehicles are deregistered in Australia each year, but what happens after they are taken off the road?

Many are purchased by a local auto parts recycler and dismantled for parts. More than 80 per cent of vehicle can be re-used or recycled.

That means, by selecting a recycled part, you are making not only a cost-saving choice but one that is more sustainable.


One auto parts recycler making a large contribution to the availability of recycled parts in Australia is ACM Parts.

With sites across Australia, ACM is able to rescue parts from more than 10,000 vehicles each year.

Those parts are taken through ACM’s production process and sold as their ‘Reclaimed’ range.

ACM puts each reclaimed part through an extensive quality control process, to ensure it is still perfect in form, function and fitment.

Since opening in 2014, ACM Parts has maintained a high standard in recycled automotive parts through their Reclaimed range.

ACM is Australia’s largest provider of alternative and specialty parts to the automotive repair industry, keeping vehicles on Australian roads.

They support better ways to repair vehicles, by providing a choice of options to extend the life of a vehicle through an extensive range of parts.

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Choosing recycled automotive parts is a cost-effective option for automotive repairs, with recycled parts often selling for less than 50 per cent of their new counterparts.

As a bonus, choosing recycled parts is also a more sustainable option, adding peace of mind that you are reusing an existing part instead of something new needing to be manufactured. Recycled parts also offer convenience.

They generally come with most of the necessary pieces and attachments included, for easier installation.

ACM Parts’ Reclaimed range features both Collision and Mechanical parts, each with their own quality control processes to ensure all reclaimed parts sold are of the highest quality available.

ACM’s Reclaimed range is sold to repair shops across Australia, used as replacement parts and installed into registered vehicles to extend their life.

ACM’s contribution to recycling deregistered vehicles doesn’t end after usable parts are removed.

Anything left over from the vehicle is carefully separated and re-purposed.

All fluids are drained separately and filtered, to be re-used.

All leftover metals, plastics and rubber are melted down and used in the manufacture of new items including roads, containers and ducting.

When purchasing ACM Reclaimed Parts, you are taking a positive step towards protecting our precious resources.

Savings in time, energy, and ultimately money represent real value for vehicle repairers and the whole community.

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