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What is Compressor Oil Balancing?

by Digital Mayne Media

All AC systems need lubrication and are designed to have a specific amount of oil in the system to operate correctly.

Too much or too little oil will cause performance problems and or compressor failure. Oil balancing or replenishment quantity, ensures new AC components are installed with the correct amount of oil for the system. It is important when replacing a compressor to ensure it has the correct amount of oil and oil type.

Genuine DENSO compressors contain a full charge of oil for the entire system; so if you are fitting a new compressor to a system that has been flushed and other components replaced the compressor will have the correct amount of oil already in it.

There are two scenarios where oil balancing will be required:

  1. If the system has been flushed and other new components fitted
  2. If you are replacing the compressor only

Whenever you are replacing a compressor make sure that you are always following the vehicle makers service workshop manual for specifications and procedure. Because we know drivers and their passengers expect a comfortable cabin environment on every journey, for this reason DENSO compressors are manufactured and tested to the strictest OE standards for unparalleled performance.

• Unmatched reliability with over 40 per cent market share
• No core charge or deposit
• High quality product with extremely low warranty ratio
• Compressor delivered as complete assemblies and pre-filled with the right amount of oil
• 100 per cent perfect match to vehicle specifications.

To learn about oil balancing visit the DENSO Australia YouTube channel; or for information on where to buy, visit: www.denso.com.au

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