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What sets NGK Spark Plugs apart from the rest


NGK Spark Plugs have been around for more than 80 years. Most people in the automotive industry have come across our spark plugs and could tell you about our Japanese heritage or premium quality but could they tell you what really makes NGK different!

Vehicle specific parts

Engine manufacturers spend many years researching and developing new engine designs. During this complex process, every engine component, including the spark plug, is engineered and tailored to perfectly match the application.

As the largest OE spark plug supplier in the world we work hand-in-hand with vehicle manufacturers during the development of each new engine configuration to engineer spark plugs specifically designed to suit each engine’s individual requirements and ensure optimum performance.

When spark plugs are commonised important attributes are often compromised and this can have a big effect on performance and longevity.

These attributes include: Heat Range, Centre Electrode Projection length, number of ground electrodes and ground electrode designs (including Double Fine Electrode (DFE) and Platinum Square Projection Electrode (PSPE) designs).

NGK prides itself on providing the broadest range of replacement spark plugs designed and engineered for more than 98 per cent of the vehicles on Australian roads.

OE Quality

NGK and NTK products are all designed and manufactured in the same factories as the products we supply to our OE customers across Japan, Europe, North America, Korea, Thailand, China and other regions involved in vehicle manufacturing.  NGK remains the manufacturer of choice for vehicle manufacturers across the world.

Further to this, NGK products are manufactured with the highest levels of quality in design, raw materials & processes. NGK is driven by quality as well as delivering the best levels of range, supply and service to you, and are very proud of our products performance.

Efficient, reliable and clean performance

As emission regulations continue to become more stringent, pressure on vehicle manufacturers to reduce emissions and improve efficiency has increased. NGK’s range of precious metal spark plugs with superior ignitability over conventional spark plugs meet and surpass the modern requirements of vehicle manufacturers.

Precious metals such as iridium and platinum have much higher melting points over traditional metals such as nickel.

This allows centre electrode diameters to reduce from 2.5mm using nickel, to 0.6mm using iridium or platinum. The finer point means that once a spark forms, the flame kernel does not have a large mass of centre electrode that reduces absorption of heat and reduces the flame shadow impeding the flame progress.

These features along with our technical support and availability are what sets NGK spark plugs apart from the pack and what enables us to provide the greatest range of correct fitment spark plugs for mechanical workshops throughout Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world.

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