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Introducing the “Movable Mobile” Autoalign VH8 3D Wheel Aligner.

The new VH8 3D aligner is made with unique and cutting-edge technology, a market leader for wheel aligners based on years of development of manufacturing since 1998. With its 30 per cent less in price than Italian-made 3D aligners, the VH8 is reliable, easy to use/maintain, and mobile – it can be moved between alignment bays for busy workshops.

Features Include:

  • Automatic camera beam movement – allows the technician to fit plates and measure from the base lift position to full height while having the camera beam track the whole procedure
  • The mobile base with movable cabinet makes the VH8 ideal and unique 3D aligner for the busy workshop as it’s able to move within the workshop with precision and accurate work
  • Attractive 32 inch LED TV display and DELL PC, printer
  • Autodata licensed AUS full vehicle database with free updates for two years
  • Advanced alignment functions: wheel deviation, axis deviation, vehicle lifting adjustment, tire removing adjustment, steering wheel level adjustment, body dimension, engine bracket adjustment, lock toe, toe curvature, zero toe camber, scrub radius, body height
  • Self-centering three-point clamps and water and oil prof targets
  • 2-megapixel cameras for higher accuracy
For more details on product information call 18000EQUIP (1800 037 847) For more information visit www.interequip.com.au or www.ie.tools 

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