Focus Feature, Wheels And Tyres

Wheels And Tyres

Having the right wheels and tyres on your vehicle can often be a difficult decision to make, especially with the wide range of various options available, depending on your desired style of driving.

It can get confusing for the best of us. Just like an elite athlete on the running track would have completely different needs to the Sunday morning jogger, or the trail hiker in Australia, compared to someone about to summit Everest. At the end of the day, customers about to invest in new wheels and or tyres will often take into account advice from friends, articles in magazines and advice from the specialists in store.

The TYREPLUS team in Australia is one such group of specialists who are now offering other talented professionals to expand their retail networks. This could be an invitation to the TYREPLUS family and an opportunity you have been looking for.

When you think of tyre workshops it’s generally the sounds of the rattle guns that come to mind and as great as the battery-powered impact wrenches are in busy workshops with testing needs, it’s the pneumatic impact wrench that reigns supreme.

Nitto Kohki produces genuine CUPLA air fittings as well as ATRA ACE Magnetic Drills, but it is their KUKEN impact wrench range that we have decided to take a good look at in this issue, and who knows with their “N” type clutch range that classic noise of the pneumatic gun may just be a thing of the past.

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