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Where to get your next drive belt

GMB has introduced a full range of automotive belts to its ever increasing product offering. The new range of drive belts are said to cover just about the entire car parc and are available off the shelf for customers to order.

Drive belts are increasingly important to the correct functioning of a modern automotive engine. These systems differ in that all the engine driven units, such as the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and A/C compressor, are now predominately driven by the one belt.

According to GMB, the modern belt style also grips better, allowing better transfer of driving power to the driven components. All of GMB’s Timing and Drive belts are manufactured to the highest specification and only use OEM material such as EPDM material for drive belts and HNBR material for timing belts. Belt tension cords are also premium OEM specification.

These materials provide a broad temperature tolerance, high flexibility, and strength combined with excellent resistance to chemicals, tearing, and abrasion. The materials used by GMB are extremely durable and ideally suited to the operating conditions of accessory drive belts and timing belts used in automotive applications. Furthermore, all GMB products are durability tested and quality controls are applied to ensure suitability for use in extreme automotive conditions.

The entire range of both Drive Belts and Timing Belt kits are now listed in GMB’s electronic catalogue, and GMB is very confident this product range will be well accepted with its superb OEM quality, range, and competitive pricing for our customers.

GMB – a tier one manufacturer to leading OEMs and aftermarket customers worldwide – brings in this addition of Automotive Belts and Timing Belt Kits as a logical extension to the ever-increasing range of GMB premium OE quality products now available in Australia.

Timing kits are a ‘kilometre interval’ replacement, requiring to be changed due to their integral operation to the engine, it is critical that all components are of exceptional quality. GMB manufactures belts, tensioners and idlers so you know exactly what is in the box each and every time. Mechanics across the globe trust and use GMB engine drive components due to their quality and reliability

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