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Which Performance brake pads are right for you

performance brake pads

Having led the market in producing high quality brake rotors for decades, Disc Brake Australia (DBA) has become synonymous with OE-replacement and performance brake pads.

Let’s examine DBA’s current Performance pads range, before looking at the latest addition to their offering – RACE PERFORMANCE – a high-end track pad for the most demanding of applications. As with DBA’s brake rotor program, and unlike some of its competitors, the company uses an easy to understand, self-explaining system of product tiers, being STREET PERFORMANCE and XTREME PERFORMANCE.

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Additionally, the STREET SERIES range of pads sits below the Performance range and offers an OE-replacement option for virtually every vehicle in the Australian market.

Braking the mould

Across its entire pads range, DBA is committed to offering the best possible pad design, including friction material, to best deliver the required performance properties. Let’s take a look at the different type of pads in more detail. STREET PERFORMANCE is the entry level to DBA’s range of performance pads.

They are aimed at drivers seeking notably improved braking characteristics over traditional OE brake pads. They were developed to provide an immediate and effective friction response to pedal application, exclusively using a semimetallic formulation. Like their STREET SERIES counterparts, they feature application-specific NVH shims, slots and chamfers for less vibration and noise. They also undergo thermal scorching for extra durability.

Next level up is XTREME PERFORMANCE. These pads are recommended for drivers seeking high initial bite and friction consistency from low to high temperatures. The range is best suited for heavy duty applications, where higher friction levels are required to safely brake under extreme conditions. Exclusively using a semi-metallic carbon fibre composition, these pads are scorched for extra durability and feature applicationspecific slots and shims.

Finally, RACE PERFORMANCE pads are the new kid on the block, aimed at track, sprint and circuit racing, where temperatures consistently reach over 350C and up to 700C. The friction material is enhanced with carbon fibre for ultimate strength and offers stable, prolonged performance at extreme temperatures. With a limited application release and available through selected dealers only, this high-end, high-performance pad will withstand the most gruelling race situations. Due to its temperature requirements as well as its ‘bite characteristics’ it is not suitable for street driving.

Street smarts

An interesting and rather helpful feature is that the signature colours of DBA’s performance brake pads (Street Performance = green, Xtreme Performance = orange, and Race Performance = red) align with the THGP paint markings on DBA’s 4000 Series and 5000 Series performance rotors. It is recommended to choose the DBA performance brake pad matching the respective rotor paint marking equivalent to the temperature threshold of your driving style.

All DBA brake pads have been designed from the ground up as the perfect match with DBA’s long-established and trusted range of brake rotors, providing the same level of quality, performance and safety. The exhaustive pads range covers over 95 per cent of vehicles on Australian roads and offers options to suit all driving needs, from daily drivers to four-wheel drives and days out on the track. As a result, DBA is able to offer a pad and rotor combination to suit your needs.

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