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Why Choose A Ryco RVSK?

4WD owners are starting to understand the value in fitting fuel water separators and crankcase filter kits to their diesel vehicles.

The demand of fuel water separators and crankcase filter kits is seeing an influx of choice of these products in the market. Unfortunately, many of them are inferior and not meeting the expectations of owners or the vehicles they are fitted to.

There are a range of benefits in fitting a fuel water separator and crankcase filter, especially to those vehicles that: tow, are under heavy load, driven in rugged terrain and/or drive long distances.

By fitting the combination of a fuel water separator and crankcase filter kit, engines are given the very best chance to be protected from early wear and tear and perform at their maximum. So why choose a Ryco Vehicle Specific Fuel Water Separator Filters and Crankcase Filter Kits (RVSK) over other alternatives in the market? Well, the answers are simple and very real:

  • Unlike other brands, Ryco’s RVSK kits are not a universal type application. Each kit is meticulously designed for each vehicle using existing mounting points in the engine bay for both the fuel water separator and crankcase filter, significantly reducing fitting time.
  • All RVSK kits come with specifically moulded hoses so there’s no time-consuming joining or rerouting of hoses.
  • Because many 4WD vehicles endure road conditions tougher that an average car, all RVSK’s mounting brackets are designed to mount to three separate points. All competitor products mount with only two points making them suspectable to dislodging, vibrating or rattling.
  • For further flexibility, all kits are sold without filters
  • RVSK’s are proudly engineered and designed in Australia by the talented team at Ryco Head office Melbourne

RVSK’s are available from all good Ryco stockists nationally.

For further details on the RVSK’s and recommendations on the right filter choice for a vehicle, go to www.rycofilters.com.au/Vehicle_Specific_Fitment_Kits
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