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Why you should trust Dayco Timing Chain Kits

For over 100 years, Dayco has been known for automotive engine belt and component design and manufacturing excellence worldwide.

The vast range of direct-fit Dayco Timing Chain Kits company’s world-class design and engineering expertise in toothed belt power transmission systems along with Dayco’s in-depth knowledge of engine functional requirements.

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Automotive repairers and parts resellers have access to outstanding quality replacement Dayco Timing Chain Kits to suit a wide range of popular Australian, Asian and European vehicle makes and models.

Just in time

A system logic was followed in the design and manufacture of the Dayco Timing Chain kit range. This means all the elements required for replacement; the chain, hydraulic tensioner, sprockets and guides are included with every kit.

Advantages of the new Dayco Timing Chain Kits range include:

  • Synergic design of each entire kit (chain, guides, tensioner, gears and seals).
  • High robustness and proven reliability on test benches and in vehicle fleet testing.
  • High strength precision machined steel tensioners to ensure reduced internal clearances for optimum control and management of the timing chain tension.
  • High strength plastic guides manufactured with glass fibres for additional strength.
  • High strength moulding steel or sintered steel manufactured gears with specific heat treatments applied for the hardening of the toothed area surfaces.

Dayco Poly-V engine belts are produced for accessory transmissions of cars, commercial vehicles, heavy duty vehicles and buses. The increase in the number of accessories (air conditioning, alternators, water pumps etc) and the operating conditions with engine temperatures up to 130°C, have made it essential to upgrade both the materials used along with the construction technology.

Dayco Poly-V belts are all made of Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomers material in compliance with the latest standards required by the automotive industry, guaranteeing reliability and long service life. Dayco has also developed the latest generation of Poly-V belts which can handle high workloads with high performance. Dayco Timing Belt Kits enable repairers to replace the timing belt in conjunction with the tensioner, idler pulley and oil seals, restoring the optimum operating conditions for the timing drive system.

A workhorse

Dayco Water Pump Kits have been a reliable industry mainstay for years. That same Dayco quality is available in stand-alone replacement Dayco Water Pumps. Dayco offers 353 passenger and commercial vehicle water pump part numbers, covering most cars driven on Australia’s roads. Featuring upgraded materials for the bearing, impeller and gasket, Dayco Water Pumps deliver exceptionally reliable performance. From raw materials through the finished product, every aspect is validated by Dayco for quality assurance.

All Dayco Water Pumps are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Dayco Heavy Duty Water Pumps deliver exceptional reliability across a vast range of older or the most recent heavy duty makes and models. The same quality assurance measures also applies to the global company’s Heavy Duty Water Pump range, with all applications designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Dayco Heavy Duty Water Pumps come with a warranty covering 18 months / 150,000 km or 5,400 hours of operation – whichever occurs first. Dayco Australia offers 102 heavy duty water pump part numbers, taking the total Dayco Water Pump aftermarket replacement coverage across both heavy duty and passenger / commercial vehicles to 3,600 makes and models.

Timing Chain kits

Upping the heat

Dayco Thermostats are designed to OEM specifications and are manufactured with a heat sensing wax filled copper power pill that detects the coolant temperature in the engine. Their heat sensing power pill controls coolant flow from the radiator when the engine is cold to reach optimum operating temperature quickly.

It then allows coolant to circulate through the engine when the operating temperature is reached to create the perfect engine environment. Dayco offers 256 passenger car thermostat part numbers, covering 4,440 applications and 20 Heavy Duty thermostat part numbers covering 648 applications. Dayco has a vast range of premium quality aftermarket coolant expansion and overflow tanks to suit a range of Australian makes and models. Engines generate enormous heat; to ensure efficient thermal management, all modern cooling systems are pressurised.

As the engine coolant heats up, it expands and creates significant pressure within the radiator. The main function of the coolant expansion tank is to retain lost coolant due to this expansion and return the coolant to the radiator when it cools down and shrinks.

Dayco coolant tanks provide a high point in the engine coolant system that also has a cushion of air which ensures pressure within the cooling system isn’t too much, so engine coolant is not lost. The Dayco range of radiator coolant tanks include pressure rated caps and hoses for maximum engine efficiency and reliability. Dayco also offers a comprehensive aftermarket range of premium quality replacement engine and turbo hoses, tensioners and pulleys along with ATV and Scooter belts.

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