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Workshop Equipment & Vehicle Hoists

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In the world of workshops and performance centres, when you hear people referring to speed and performance, it’s pretty normal to assume that they are talking about the cars themselves.

In this issue, we get to take a slightly different slant and take a closer look at the all-important Workshop

Equipment and Vehicle Hoists to break it down and see who is doing what, when it comes to reliability, power and performance. When you hear the name Rotary and the phrase “the world’s fastest” it only further confuses the situation, but in reality, we are talking one of Burson’s new product range.

Rotary is the manufacturer of the world’s fastest two post hoists, and one of the world’s leading hoist designers and manufacturers.

While on the subject of hoists, we take a look at Interequip and how owner Alex Visser gained the vast knowledge and experience he needed to come to Australia and set up Interequip. His expertise was achieved through working in both Korea and China for various hoist manufacturers.

I’m sure many of you are very familiar with the name Jamec Pem and its range of quality tyre inflation equipment which has been continuously refining for over 80 years now. The name is associated with some of the best and toughest tyre inflation products available. A brand new product has hit the shelves. It’s been designed for Australia and is sure to create some waves of enthusiasm. Welcome the TDR4000. With more than 60 impact wrenches in their range, the team from M7 haven’t been just sitting back and resting on their laurels.

With over 300 tools in their lineup, their extensive range is designed to make your life easier in the workshop. In the automotive industry, you would be flat out to find a higher quality range of Japanese tools than the Genuine Culpa range from Nitto Kohki. Its reputation for supreme pneumatic tools within Australia and New Zealand is second to none.

Knowing which diagnostic tool to go with can often be a hard question to answer, depending on your particular specifics. Launch Tech Australia are a team with the right answers to guide you straight.

Pneumatic impact guns have taken a bit of a back seat to battery operated tools in recent times but the team at PTW are proving that pneumatic tools are here to stay. Last by no means least the team from Warren & Brown discuss the importance of regular maintenance and services of your Torque Wrench and how this commonly overlooked procedure can have a significant impact on the performance and life of your torque wrench.

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