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There’s so much more to ‘tools’ than just the hardware in the workshop.

Of course the technicians on the floor need the same tools they’ve used since the days of the Model T, but in a modern workshop the toolbox with its spanners, sockets, pliers, screwdrivers and all the other equipment most people expect will sit alongside a laptop and a suite of software that’ll make most office workers raise their eyebrows in fright.

It’s not only the workshop that needs good tools for a business to stay efficient. Filling out paper worksheets is fast becoming ‘old school’. Fast-moving profitable workshops have the technicians logging their time and job specifics electronically, so stock control, ordering and invoicing is all done in real time as each job progresses. Even the sales team and workshop are e-connected these days, making workflow smooth and seamless…unless you’re trying to work with substandard software, of course.

That’s the modern equivalent of trying to remove a nyloc nut with a pair of longnose pliers.

Whether it’s the latest innovation in cordless power tools, the fastest, most seamless software or just new thinking in the approach to basic tools, there’s a lot for a modern workshop to keep up with. Getting it right can mean a more efficient operation, top to bottom. Not knowing about something that’s rocking the automotive world can give away an edge to the competition.

Here’s a few top-shelf tool options you should definitely know about.

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