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X-431 HD III Intelligent VCI

by Digital Mayne Media

Launch Tech introduces X-431 HD III intelligent VCI to market.

Launch Tech Australia has recently brought the X-431 HD III intelligent VCI (vehicle communication interface) to the local market, designed for use with a range of vehicles – from cars, to medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks – with the add-on module working in conjunction with other diagnostic scan tools to enable a range of more powerful functions.

Diagnostic scan tools and garage equipment specialist Launch Tech has established itself as a premium equipment supplier worldwide, with its portfolio of products sporting strong standalone features, and often designed to work collectively to strengthen equipment capabilities and streamline workflows.

The X431 AUSCAN 3, X431 EuroTab II and X-431 HD III are no exception, turning existing Launch Tech tools – including the X-431 PAD III, X-431 PAD V and X-431 PRO3 – into full-function heavy-duty truck scan tools, while it can also work independently in conjunction with an Android device and the Launch Tech app.

In communicating with other Launch Tech tools or an Android device, the X-431 HD III variously supports USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, and it can be hardwired to vehicles which sport 12 or 24 volt systems.

Launch Tech advises that the multifunctional X-431 HD III is a perfect fit for shops that work on both medium-duty and heavy-duty (class 4 through to 8) trucks, with it designed to work on various systems across a range of manufacturer brands.

The X-431 HD III enables a comprehensive range of diagnostic software functions, and works on systems such as engines, transmissions and ABSs from manufacturers including Wabco, Bendix and Allison Transmission.

Its special functions include: DPF regeneration, injector coding, reset service (MIL), maintenance confirmation, injection quantity adjustment, particulate filter replacement reset and reset pressure differential sensor.

In addition to this, other special functions Lcover: reset pressure limiting valve, bleeding the AdBlue circuit, VGT electronic actuator installation and calibration, trip reset, parked SCR efficiency test and DPF ash accumulator reset.

The X-431 HD III also paves the way for the calibration of: idle speed adjustment, speed limit, cruise control, idle-stop system, PTO, coolant level switch, exhaust brake valve and intake air preheating.

Additional calibration functions encompass: vehicle speed controller, air conditioner, oil pressure sensor, electronic fan, ABS and automatic transmission.

The X-431 HD III provides extensive model coverage, with supported brands including: Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo, DAF, Scania, Iveco, Renault, Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Sterling, Western Star, Mack, Fuso, Isuzu and UD.

As advised above, the X-431 HD III is decked out with both wired and wireless communication technologies (USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), with it running a 120 MHz CPU, and measuring in at 45 x 110 x 204 mm.

Launch Tech Australia is the largest distributor of Launch Tech products in Australia – encompassing a wide range of automotive workshop equipment, from scan tools, to wheel aligners, tyre changers, wheel balancers, vehicle hoists, battery testers and flushing machines – with its partners and distributors covering the whole of Australia and New Zealand.

Launch Tech Australia’s national service centre is located in Minchinbury in western Sydney, with it stocking a range of spare parts as part of its strong focus on providing quick after-sales services to its clients.

Further information on the X-431 HD III, and the wider Launch Tech range, can be found at Launch Tech Australia’s website: www.launchtech.com.au

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