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Xtreme Clutch Performance Uprgades For Toyota GR Yaris

A new range of performance upgrade clutch kits to suit the Toyota GR Yaris have hit the market and are ideal for everything from daily driven vehicles with minor performance modifications, all the way through to purpose-built motorsport applications.

Xtreme Clutch is well known for being quick to market with the latest clutch upgrades for high performance vehicles and have been progressively adding to their range of upgrades for the GR Yaris since mid-2021. The brand, which is a part of the Australian Clutch Services group of brands, now has a kit to suit all levels of performance.

Xtreme Clutch initially launched a single-mass flywheel conversion kit for the vehicle at SEMA show 2021. This kit includes
a custom-made single mass flywheel, lightweight alloy pressure plate and is available with either a sprung organic or sprung ceramic friction disc.

Xtreme Clutch says this kit is ideal for very high-powered street cars or motorsport applications.

“The single-mass flywheel conversion kit is ideally aimed at vehicles that have had significant performance modifications or are being used in motorsport applications such as circuit racing or tarmac rallying,” explains Stewart Furze, Australian Clutch Services Mechanical Engineer.

Xtreme Clutch recently added to the range with an upgrade designed to utilise the factory dual-mass flywheel. This kit includes a custom 240mm alloy pressure plate designed specifically to bolt to the factory style dual-mass flywheel. This
kit offers almost OE levels of dampening for minimal noise and vibration changes, but increases the torque capacity of the clutch to 560Nm, making it ideal for lightly modified street cars.

“The new dual-mass flywheel kit is the ultimate solution for daily driven vehicles that have been modified,” explains Stewart.

“We only look to develop performance upgrades for dual-mass flywheels in very specific vehicles where we require that extra level of dampening. As it turns out, the GR Yaris was the ideal platform to develop this upgrade and we have tested it in-house with one of our vehicles and have seen fantastic driving characteristics and performance.”

The dual-mass flywheel kit is available with a rigid organic friction disc and is also available with a replacement dual-mass flywheel if required. The final kit in the range is a 184mm twin plate racing clutch designed specifically for motorsport applications that require a very high torque capacity, but also minimal rotational inertia to improve throttle response. This kit comes with a lightweight alloy pressure plate, 4140 chromoly flywheel and two sprung ceramic friction discs.

Xtreme Clutch also offers service kits for this clutch assembly that can be used to rebuild the kit when it gets to the end of its normal service life, ideal for motorsport applications where higher wear rates are experienced. The service kit comes with replacement friction discs, intermediate plate and main casting, meaning the clutch can be rebuilt by simply resurfacing the flywheel and replacing the internal sacrificial components.

All of the kits in the range include a variety of options to incorporate concentric slave cylinder, flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts and alignment tool to ensure ease of installation and long-term durability.

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