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Xtreme Clutch Sprung Style Twin Plate Organic Upgrades

Xtreme Clutch have been expanding their range of sprung twin plate organic performance clutch kits, designed to suit high horsepower street driven vehicles.

Xtreme Clutch says the new range of upgrades are already proving very popular around the world and provides a great solution for vehicle owners looking for a driveable clutch that also offers dampening for reduced noise and vibration over traditional rigid hub multi-plates.

Xtreme Clutch is a part of the Australian Clutch Services group of brands and incorporates the street performance and motorsport range of clutch kits. Including a large selection of performance clutch options for each application, the comprehensive range of upgrades are sold around the world and are popular with both professional race teams and performance car enthusiasts.

The Xtreme Clutch sprung twin plate organic kits are available in two sizes, a 230mm and 270mm. Both of these kits have their own performance attributes that make them well suited to different vehicle applications. The 270mm clutch options have been developed specifically for larger capacity engines and are popular in supercharged V8 and turbo 6-cylinder applications. The design includes a strap driven intermediate plate which minimises the “twin plate rattle” often heard in multi-plate clutch kits due to the floating intermediate plate. “The 270mm clutch option allows for excellent performance in highly modified street vehicles that require a quiet solution”, explains Stewart Furze, Xtreme Clutch Senior Mechanical Engineer.

“We have been working hard to develop the most driveable twin plate solutions we can to help support the expanding tuning market. With so many groups now able to get huge horsepower and torque figures from their performance packages, it is critical we can provide a clutch solution that retains the excellent level of driveability that performance vehicle owners demand.”

For smaller capacity turbo charged engines, the 230mm clutch is well suited. These kits include a lightweight, motorsport inspired alloy pressure plate along with a 4140 chromoly flywheel. “Our 230mm range of upgrades are highly adaptable to different makes and models from around the world,” says Stewart. “In the past, we offered these with rigid centre organic discs for street applications, however these new sprung kits for select vehicles reduce shock loading on the transmission in comparison to the rigid style discs and are well suited to high performance street use.”

Both clutch designs are recommended for street applications up to 1000Nm, however Xtreme Clutch also have an option for vehicles being used in motorsport. “We are also offering the 230mm sprung style multiplate kits with a ceramic friction material for higher heat capacity”, says Stewart. “These kits are recommended for motorsport applications where minimal shock-loading on the transmission is critical, such as race cars modified for increased power but stillusing the factory gearbox.”

Like all Xtreme Clutch upgrades, the new range of kits come complete with everything required for the installation such as release bearing or concentric slave cylinder (application specific), metal alignment tool, replacement bolts and spigot bearing as required. “We are always looking to provide everything the installer may require in the kit and this is something we put a significant amount of time and effort into,” says Colin Jevons, Australian Clutch Services Sales Manager.

“Whether it be for our Xtreme Clutch performance products or our ClutchPro standard replacement kits, we are looking to provide a kit with everything that is required for the installation process to help minimise the chances of installation delays and to ensure that critical components such as spigot bearings and release bearings are replaced at the same time as the clutch. We are even including spline grease in our kits and thread locking compound with our flywheel bolts.”

The Australian Clutch Services product range is available through a nationwide distributor network and the new range of sprung twin plate kits are available now. To check your application, please visit the Australian Clutch Services online catalogue at

For more information or for help selecting a performance clutch solution, please call 1800 CLUTCH.

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